Ravet, Pune – The G20 Theme Education Summit, a collaborative effort by The Big Brain Brilliance Knowledge Hub, ScholarsTree Educare Pvt Ltd, and the esteemed leadership of Dr. Pratik Mungekar and Dr. Sarvjeet Kirad, has successfully achieved a historic milestone. This groundbreaking event, hosted by Mrs. Shweta Pankaj, Director of Scholarstree Educare Private Limited, and Mr. Amey Milind Ajgar, CEO of skillEctronics, took place at S B Patil Public School in Ravet, Pune, where school students showcased their exceptional capabilities as speakers alongside esteemed experts. The summit, held on 16th August, provided a unique opportunity for students to present their suggestions, views, and implications to government officials, addressing global issues, new policies, and the overall growth and development of the nation.

Dr. Pratik Mungekar, one of the prominent organizers, expressed his excitement about the summit, stating, “The G20 Theme Education Summit aimed to provide a platform for young minds to express their ideas and perspectives on critical global issues. Witnessing the enthusiasm and creativity of the student speakers have been truly inspiring, and it reinforces our belief in the power of education to bring positive change.”

Dr. Sarvjeet Kirad, another esteemed organizer, emphasized the significance of empowering students in shaping a better future. He said, “Education is the key to unlocking the potential of our youth. Through the G20 Theme Education Summit, we aimed to foster a spirit of critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration among the students, enabling them to become proactive contributors to society.”

The presence of distinguished Guests of Honor, including Kajal Chhatija, Karuna Arpana Prasad Sankhe, Adv, and High Court Mediator Mrs. P S Potdar, as well as Special Guests Basavaraj Navalli, Sunita Rai, Dr. Shakir Shaikh, Anita Peer, Priti dab de, and Prakash Bhapkar, Captain Ritu Biyani, and Prabal Mehrotra, an alumnus of SBPPS and a special guest speaker of the event, added significant value to the discussions, enriching the event with valuable insights. Prabal Mehrotra’s speech inspired young minds, highlighting the potential of education in shaping a brighter future.

G 20 Theme Education

Mrs. Bhawana Gupta, the founder of Palingo, expressed her thoughts during the summit, emphasizing the importance of being a master in both local and global languages in G20 countries. She remarked, “In today’s interconnected world, proficiency in languages holds the key to effective communication and collaboration. Being well-versed in local and global languages enables students to embrace diverse cultures and engage in meaningful dialogues, fostering international understanding and cooperation.”

Dr. Bindu Saini, the school Principal, expressed her pride in hosting the prestigious G20 Theme Education Summit. She stated, “As educators, witnessing our students present their insightful ideas and solutions on global issues is truly heartening. We believe that empowering young minds through education is essential in nurturing responsible global citizens who will contribute positively to society.”

The summit’s highlight was the exceptional involvement of student speakers, who impressed the audience with their insightful ideas and innovative solutions, delivered with remarkable passion. Their dedication and hard work serve as a remarkable inspiration to all attendees, emphasizing the immense potential and brilliance of the future generation.

The organizing team, including Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar, Dr. Sarvjeet Kirad, Dr Renu Singh, Dr. Prachetan Potadar, Mrs. Shweta Pankaj, and Mrs. Bhawana Gupta, along with all the students, volunteers, staff members, and support staff, including Ms. Swaleha Mujawar, the CBSE activities Incharge; Mr. Rohit Sarkar, the School Media & Publication in charge; Mr. Aman Yadav, the IT Faculty; Mr. Shrikant Thite, the Admin Staff; Mr. Ganesh Kalbhor, Mrs. Rekha Chavan, and Mrs. Asha Patil, the Support Staff; and 10 maushis from the Housekeeping staff, worked tirelessly to ensure the event’s resounding success. Their unwavering commitment and dedication made the G20 Theme Education Summit an unforgettable experience.

Mrs. Swati Chaudhari, the founder of Amar Bakers and the Celebration Partner of the event, expressed her delight in designing a specially crafted cake for the post-event celebration of the G20 theme. She shared her thoughts, saying, “It was an honor for Amar Bakers to be part of this momentous occasion. We take pride in contributing to the celebration with our artistic cake design, symbolizing the unity and cooperation fostered during the summit. We believe in celebrating milestones and achievements, and this event certainly marks a remarkable milestone in education and youth empowerment.”

By Sujata