HLM Group Institutions students participated in the globe’s largest debate platform ‘’Speak for India’’ at New Delhi

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HLM Group Institutions students participated in the globe’s largest debate platform ‘’Speak for India’’ at New Delhi

More than 80 HLM Group of Institutions students participated in India’s flagship CSR program and the world’s largest debate platform, called “Speak for India” in New Delhi. The event was organised by the Times of India and the Federal Bank of India, covering multiple states such as New Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. The event also gave prime importance to the country’s rich linguistic culture epithets and encouraged debates in regional languages besides English.

The inauguration of the program was done by the Director of the Times of India and the dignitaries of the Federal Bank of India. The Speak for India platform’s goal was to enhance students’ public speaking skills and teach them proper enunciation, articulation, and expression of thoughts and opinions.

The session was chaired by the Times of India and Navbharat Times. The debate program also had an imminent guest list of Mr Fernandes, Mr. Anupam Kher, Mr. Kamal Hasan and Ms. Soha Ali Khan.

In front of a spectacular audience gaze, HLM students spoke on contemporary topics such as Relevance of College Education is Degree required for a successful career, Privatization of education system necessary or not, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram should be blocked in college labs, College Education system should require students to know at least one foreign language, and Social media has improved human communication – Yes / No, displaying their oratory and knowledge profundity. It was an erudite experience for everyone present which gave them an opportunity to listen to diverse opinions, thoughts, and perspectives. The HLM students confidently spoke in their regional languages and received certificates and citations.

The HLM students were accompanied by the faculty members – Dr. Rajesh Kardam, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Mr. Mukul Sharma and Ms. Bhavna Atre.

Sharing her feelings, Ms Tanvi Miglani, COO, HLM Group of Institutions , said, Our Group has always given an opportunity to our students to participate in such programs to develop and improve their public speaking skill sets. I am glad that our students spoke on many modern and relevant issues and presented their minds in an effortless way. I want to congratulate the students who participated and made our group proud through their achievements.”