By Ajay Singh – School Principal – The Scindia School

Education has rapidly evolved over the years to keep pace with the changing landscape for career opportunities and technological advancements. With AI and Chat GPT taking over, there is a need to raise creative thinkers who can pivot on short notice and adapt to change while staying true to their core. Legacy boarding schools in India such as The Scindia School, Gwalior, Mayo College, Ajmer and Doon School, Dehradun offer the best in global pedagogy to raise children who are modern in their approach and yet grounded and rooted in their values.

Offering the best in traditional and modern education – These legacy schools such as Mayo College and The Scindia School offer over a century of education experience and a truly remarkable history that lays the foundation for the school’s ethos and value system. While being rooted in tradition, they have also rapidly evolved to introduce the most advanced teaching methodologies, cutting edge technology and the latest amenities to create a curriculum that offers the best in global and traditional education.

Value based education – These beacons of education are steeped in a glorious legacy built on value-based education. Education is rarely limited to the classrooms and students. It is about equipping children with life skills and a moral compass that will hold them steady no matter how rapidly the world around them changes. It is no longer enough to simply learn concepts but the ability to adapt them to changing scenarios is the key to success. There is a certain tenacity and fearlessness that defines the students studying at these leading boarding schools. They view change as an opportunity and not a hurdle. They view technology simply as an aide and hence aren’t afraid to be out-run in a world that is rapidly changing. They can adapt to change while being guided by the moral compass of the value system that is deeply imbedded in their hearts and minds. Independent decision making is part of their daily routine as they navigate from their dorm rooms to classrooms without the over-protective gaze of their parents. They learn to think on their feet while staying true to their inner core. These are essential traits to emerge as effective leaders and change makers of tomorrow.

Raising resilient kids who can brave the storms the future might hold – Each day is a new learning experience for these students. They learn to navigate through dorms and classrooms on their own and embrace every victory and loss with the same grace and strength without the need of a constant assurance from their parents. From negotiating with one’s roommates for that extra pack of biscuits, to learning conflict resolution at the soccer field or simply coping with failure, these children learn to navigate through some of the most character defining moments with a certain poise and grace that defines the strong value system imparted at these legacy boarding school.

Making mindfulness a way of life – As stress becomes an unavoidable part of the new age hustle culture, the ability to take a pause, will help these kids maintain their calm and composure through tough times. While mindfulness has suddenly become the buzzword across global education corridors these legacy schools have been following it as a way of life since their inception. A few quiet moments of reflection practiced every day at sunset, amidst the abundance of nature, while surrounded by one’s classmates plays an integral role in transforming young boys into calm, compassionate and kind young men.

Sustainability practices to raise kids who are aware of their responsibility towards creating a better and greener tomorrow – The environment where we study plays an important role in our overall wellness and is known to stimulate better knowledge retention, decision making, and inculcate compassion and love for nature. Sustainability becomes a way of life when we live amidst nature and learn to respect it in its true spirit. At The Scindia School we have undertaken a Fort Biosphere project which includes bringing back the indigenous plants for better ecological balance and building channels across our lakes for rain water harvesting. We aspire to be a water positive school that can provide water to the city of Gwalior if ever required. As a zero-waste school our students rejoice in every drop in the daily food wastage monitor, and proudly showcase the artwork created from waste paper and metal scraps! Besides the Fort Biosphere serves as a ‘living lab’ offering botany lessons that will remain etched in every child’s mind and heart long after they graduate.

These legacy boarding schools in India with years of glorious success stories, play an important role in shaping a child’s overall character, beyond the classroom. Thus, making them the preferred choice for parents who seek educational institutions that would help nurture their children into global citizens of tomorrow.

By Sujata