Informative workshop Lead Engage Accelerate organized by Gillco International School

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 Gillco International SchoolTeacher Educator Leadership is a training that focuses on developing skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and as a positive influence on furthering the career. “Empower the educators by promoting a culture of self-starters and decision–makers.” Keeping this idea into consideration, A highly engaging and informative workshop “LEAD ENGAGE ACCELERATE” was organised by the management at Gillco International School for the educators.

Ms. Kimmy Dhanoa, an accomplished professional, educator, master trainer and teacher coach with decades of diverse experience, was the resource person. Her behavioural coaching methodology focused on developing high- performance, positive results and achieving professional and personal balance. In her workshop, she shared the best practical tips that can be easily implemented in classrooms to achieve all the desired goals. She insisted upon the need of having a beautiful bond between the teacher leader and the students.

In her session, she enlightened about success essentials like self-esteem, assertiveness, competency, emotional maturity and time management. The educators were put on a self-evaluation mode where they had a quiet introspection. They had a realization that every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity. Self-orientation, a mandatory element to have credibility, confidence and competence along with interpersonal intimacy, was highlighted.

She touched and influenced every soul present there with her vast experience and practical examples. All felt really delighted and satisfied with valuable takeaways from the program. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the activities during the session which were highly motivating and engaging. The Principal, Ms. Ruchi Sharma expressed her gratitude towards Ms. Kimmy Dhanoa for enlightening the educators and sharing her learnings.