ISFC and LEAD sign MoU to create robust education ecosystem in India

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Mumbai, January 24 2022: Furthering its vision to transform the education sector, Indian School Finance Company (ISFC), a leading non-banking finance company, has signed an MoU with the country’s fastest-growing School EdTech enterprise, LEAD.

Under the strategic partnership, LEAD and ISFC will use their networks to empower affordable schools with resources, improve student learning outcomes and teacher performance, build a comprehensive education ecosystem and grow their footprint across the country.

The alliance will enable ISFC to utilize LEAD’s network of over 2500 schools to reach out to more schools and educational institutions. Schools affiliated with ISFC will benefit through LEAD’s integrated learning system and transform schools into tech-based centers of excellence. It will also make learning more engaging and exciting for the children.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Sandeep Wirkhare, MD & CEO, ISFC, said, “Since its inception, ISFC has been committed to transforming the educational sector in India, and we have come a long way in our journey. We are the first company to have exclusively funded the affordable private schools that were earlier facing challenges in credit accessibility. Now with this collaboration, we aim to strengthen our 360° relationship with our 5000+ partner schools and institutions historically across the country along with spreading across to LEAD’s network of 2500+ schools.”

LEAD Co-founder and CEO Sumeet Mehta said, “LEAD aims to empower schools in India to deliver excellent education to every child. In ISFC, we found a partner who shares our vision and is committed to addressing shortcomings in the educational funding landscape. This strategic alliance will ensure student learning outcomes and teacher performances are significantly improved while schools are funded to build the necessary infrastructure to impart quality education. Our shared vision motivates us to go beyond our boundaries and revive the education system from the impact of the pandemic.”