Kanakia International School Students Lead E-Waste Management Drive, Collecting 33.3KG of E-Waste

Mumbai June 2023: Grade 7 students of the renowned educational institution, Kanakia International School, have spearheaded an E-Waste management drive in collaboration with Sanskar India Foundation, collecting 33.3KG of E-Waste.

Over the course of one month, approximately 100 students actively participated in the impactful e-waste collection drive. To facilitate the process, the students established two collection points within the school premises, urging their classmates, friends, and family members to contribute to the cause by responsibly disposing of their e-waste.

With the invaluable support of the Sanskar India Foundation, the students successfully amassed a significant total of 33.3KG of e-waste. Demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability, they then proceeded to hand over the collected e-waste to a dedicated recycling company.

During the course of this drive, the students not only actively participated in e-waste collection but also engaged in an enlightening workshop on the hazardous effects of e-waste. They gained valuable insights into the importance of safe recycling practices. This workshop served as a significant educational opportunity, equipping the students with knowledge about the potential environmental and health risks associated with improper e-waste disposal. They were empowered with the understanding of how crucial it is to recycle e-waste safely to minimize its harmful impact on the environment and human well-being.

Shuchi Shukla, Principal of Kanakia International School, Chembur, expressed her delight, stating, “We are immensely proud to witness the enthusiastic participation of our young students in the drive for environmental conservation. Our teaching philosophy has inspired them to become conscious citizens who actively contribute to society. With dedicated efforts, our students successfully collected a substantial amount of e-waste, thus making a significant contribution towards reducing electronic waste in landfills. Additionally, they played a crucial role in raising awareness about the detrimental effects of improper e-waste disposal on the environment. Their commitment to creating a sustainable future is truly commendable.”