Makoons Play School in Gwalior Celebrates Exceptional Milestone: 120 Admissions in a Year

Makoons Play SchoolGwalior, 18th October 2023 – Makoons Play School, a renowned name in early childhood is proud to announce its remarkable milestone as it celebrates the enrollment of 120+ young students in a year at its Sikandar Kampoo Lashkar branch in Gwalior, emphasizing its dedication to delivering excellent education and encouraging the entire development of young brains.

For parents looking for a top-notch early childhood education experience, the Makoons Play School Lashkar, Gwalior Centre has emerged as the preferred choice. The school has drawn families from all around the area because of its committed staff of teachers, well-organized curriculum, and cutting-edge facilities.

This accomplishment symbolizes the faith that parents have put in us to support the overall development of their kids. Our sincere goal is to give our students a secure, encouraging, and stimulating learning environment. Commenting on the same belief, Vijay Kumar Agarwal, Founder, and CEO of Makoons Group of Schools, said “We are thrilled to have reached this milestone of 120 admissions at our Lashkar Gwalior centre. Makoons Play School is committed to its goal of developing the next generation of leaders, even as it expands and advances early childhood education.”

“The school’s community of eager learners engaged parents, and dedicated teachers are all instrumental in the achievement. To satisfy the special requirements of the young students and make a significant difference in their lives, Makoons Play School’s Lashkar Gwalior Centre is always evolving as per the needs of its students” added Shubham Jain, Director of Makoons Play School Lashkar Gwalior Branch.

Makoons Play School takes great pride in its child-centric approach to education, which places equal emphasis on a child’s total development and academic performance. To guarantee that every child realizes their full potential, the school provides a comprehensive combination of age-appropriate learning materials, engaging activities, and learning through play.