Manthan Students Conduct Classes for Government School Children and Donate Books to Help Set-up a Library

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27th June 2024, Hyderabad, India: The students and teachers at Manthan School, Hyderabad conducted an education outreach program at Keshav Nagar Government School in Gowlidoddi during their session break.

manthan students

Named Project Pragya, the initiative involved ten Grade 9 students of the Cambridge board along with five teachers who volunteered for the program. The program that ran during the session break, focused on teaching English, Science, Math, and Physical Education (PE), to students from grade 1 to grade 5 at the Government school. Additionally, pre and post-session tests were also conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching sessions.

“The education outreach program was very enriching for me. Working on the ground level and being able to contribute to the education of less privileged children has been a great experience for me. I am glad I could be part of the initiative,” a Manthan student involved in the program said.

The Manthanites also went the extra mile to contribute to the program by donating stationery kits, notebooks, and teaching aids to the students at the Keshav Nagar Government School. Along with that several books across various subjects and genres were donated to build a school library and instil a love for reading among the students. Sanitizers and other hygiene products were distributed among the students and staff of the government school to promote a safe learning environment.

“We are proud to see our students actively participate in social work. We at Manthan have always believed in exposing students to real-life experiences and learning beyond the classroom. There might as well be a possibility that students develop interest in this field and take it up as their profession,” a volunteer teacher said.

“We are delighted that, with ISP’s support, Manthan has been able to undertake this initiative. It brings us immense joy to witness our students growing into responsible citizens and making meaningful contributions to society. I encourage everyone in the Manthan family and beyond to participate in such initiatives and contribute in any way possible. We must recognize that every child is the future of our nation, and it is our duty to ensure that each one has a fair chance to become the citizens our society deserves,” Mr. Surjeet Singh, Principal of Manthan School said.