MRG SchoolStudents of MRG school generated awareness about the causes and effects of the growing global population by organising a special assembly on the occasion of World Population Day. The event showcased the creative efforts of students who utilised skits, street plays, and rap songs to convey the urgent need for population control.

Highlighting that we all deserve fresh air to breathe, enough land to live in, and healthy food to eat, but this is not possible without controlling our growing population, the students passionately demonstrated the consequences of uncontrolled population growth. They emphasised that preserving the environment and ensuring sustainable resources for all require immediate action.

The students delivered impactful performances that shed light on the pressing issues associated with an ever-increasing population. Through their skit, nukkad natak (street play), and captivating rap song, they effectively conveyed the message that reducing the progressive graph of population growth is imperative to safeguard our planet.

Ms. Anshu Mittal, Principal, of MRG School, expressed her views stating, “The students have done a commendable job in raising awareness about the challenges posed by our growing population. Their creative approach has engaged their peers and conveyed a powerful message to the wider community. As responsible citizens, it is crucial for us to address this issue collectively and strive for sustainable development.”

By Sujata