Next Education reaches out to more than 1500 schools and conducts 125 workshops PAN India to improve teaching techniques


Next Education reaches

New Delhi February  2022: Next Education, India’s leading education solutions provider, has recently completed 125 workshops in PAN India. The SaaS-based technology-driven company revolutionizing the education system in India has been persistent in its push to create a pedagogical transformation from traditionality to a mix of technical and traditional. The Next Education bandwagon continues to expand within the length and breadth of the nation with 15+ workshops in the West, more than five workshops across the Eastern states, more than 30 workshops in the Northern states, and 50 plus workshops in the South.

The primary purpose of these informative workshops has been to provide instructors with professional development opportunities facilitated by cutting-edge technology. Educators could learn new instructional methods, remain up-to-date on the latest research and insights in Education, and build subject-specific skills and knowledge via these constructive conferences. Furthermore, these workshops allow teachers to network, discuss best practices, and cooperate on initiatives and projects. Getting a rapturous response from the many educators, more than 3500 participants have enthusiastically attended these workshops, which have been conducted in more than 1500+ schools.

Expressing his sentiments on the PAN India initiative, Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-founder & CEO of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Indian pedagogy has always been following the traditionalist approach, which has given it productive results. However, with time some concepts can be better imbibed within the students with the aid of technology. At Next Education, we are on a mission to create waves of change within the education ecosystem. These workshops will create a revolutionary teaching technique that merges the tried and tested traditionalist approach with the proficiency of technology.”

Next Education India has conducted 120+ Books Training events, 9 National Conferences, and 30+ Conferences for Principals, taking the total to 250+ workshops and training programs. We look forward to doubling the number in the coming year and ensuring that Next Education reaches every educator and institution.