Orchids The International School Introduces Innovative Theatrical Program Jungle Walk

Orchids The International School Bengaluru, 29.06.2023: Orchids The International School, has come up with a unique theatrical program titled “Jungle Walk.” This innovative initiative aims at introducing young students of grades 1 and 2 to the fascinating world of animals and birds.

Under this program, the students get to learn about different species in a jungle, their habitats, and characteristics and they are taught to enact and understand different animals through dance.

By combining education and entertainment, the Jungle Walk program offers an immersive experience for students, promoting their cognitive, physical, and emotional development. This program is introduced by Orchids to foster a love for learning, encourage creativity, and provide a platform for self-expression.

“The unique combination of theater, education, and dance in the Jungle Walk program enables students to develop a deeper appreciation for nature and wildlife. Through this initiative, Orchids The International School aims to create an engaging and immersive learning environment that nurtures the overall growth and development of its students” says Sanjeevani Jain, Manager – Performing Arts at Orchids The International School.

The Jungle Walk performance took place at the school and parents were invited to watch and cheer the children. Parents were delighted to see the vibrant display of colorful costumes, energetic choreography, and joyful atmosphere.