Revamping Education: Bhumi’s Ignite+ Upgrades School Facilities

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“Education is the foundation upon which our nation’s future is built, and providing adequate infrastructure is essential for nurturing young minds,” said Dr. Prahalathan K.K, Co-Founder, of Bhumi. “The Ignite+ School Improvement Program is our commitment to empowering students and communities by creating safe, modern, and inspiring spaces for learning.”

Bhumi, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to social development, has launched its flagship Ignite+ School Improvement Program, an ambitious initiative aimed at enhancing the infrastructure of government, government-aided, and low- income private schools throughout India.


The Ignite+ program focuses on improving infrastructure to elevate school learning outcomes. By addressing the existing critical issues of broken classrooms, dysfunctional toilets, inadequate furniture, and barren playgrounds through addition of new infrastructure including classrooms, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) facilities, digital infrastructure, sports facilities, learning spaces, furniture, and kitchen gardens. This program implements a holistic approach to create optimal learning environments.

The program follows a structured process, beginning with identifying and assessing the needs of schools, seeking corporate partners to support the fulfillment of those needs, executing quality projects, and continuously monitoring progress while collecting feedback from beneficiaries.

The Impact of Ignite+

The impact of Ignite+ extends beyond physical renovations. Our efforts lead to  reduced dropout rates, improved social well-being among students, increased admissions, better teaching facilities, and the attraction of quality educators.

  • 70 + Renovation Projects
  • 34 + New Classrooms Constructed
  • 189 + New Toilet Units Constructed
  • 293 + Other Facilities (Playground setup, Dining Hall, RO units, Furniture, etc.)
  • 44000 + Total Beneficiaries

Corporate Partners: Lotte India, Oracle, Qualcomm, Kotak, Symbio, Musashi Paint, Worley, Keller, KONE, Gainwell Technologies, AECOM, Ben Line Agencies, Saipem, Computacenter, KWE, CMA CGM and Lumen Partnering with corporations committed to social responsibility, Bhumi invites organisations to join the Ignite+ movement and contribute to creating safe and conducive learning environments and empowering students and communities for a brighter future.