Horticulture and financial literacy programme are both significant part of the school’s curriculum, and the activity provided ample exposure to both the aspects for the students


Orchids The International School

Gurugram,March 2023: Orchids The International School, Sector 56 Gurugram organized Budding Farmers Market where the students across grades participated in producing and selling the vegetables grown and cultivated at the school’s Polyhouse. As part of the Horticulture curriculum, students are given exposure to various aspects of horticulture including growing plants under specific climate conditions, growing crops without soil, plant propagation, protection, edible gardening and many more.

The market provided a platform for the students to plant, harvest, and sell organic fruit. Through the integration of economics and urban farming themes, they were taught entrepreneurial skills and the children gladly took their parents on a tour of their polyhouse and explained how farming works during the market.

The kids were split up into various groups, and each group completed a certain activity starting from planting saplings, nurturing and growing the fruit/vegetable, harvesting them and finally selling the products in the market. The OIS 56 horticulture department does all possible to educate the students about the process of food production and maintain a connection to the environment.. Through this activity, the children also gained exposure to financial literacy as well as marketing techniques as they had to sell their produce as well as gain profit.

The school’s principal Ms. Vibha Gupta expressed her joy at the high level of interest in this kind of training programme and stated, “I am extremely proud to witness the excitement and energy of my children during the programme. Programs such as these where the finer aspects of horticulture and financial literacy are brought together giving an exposure to the young minds will help students to learn and get interested in these subjects and enhance their curiosity and skills.”

“For the first time, I had the opportunity to take part in an event that was a mix of both horticulture and financial literacy curriculum. Despite the fact that they are two whole different areas, learning how they are related in practice feels incredibly useful. We gained both technical and market knowledge from these workshops, which is really advantageous.” said Jiya Tripathi, student of grade 7.

“Being taught the finer principles of finance and horticulture at such a young age, and that too in such an interesting way, was a really thrilling experience. We enjoyed spending time with our children while also learning some useful information from the school’s educational workshop.” said Nisha Tripathi, parent of Jiya Tripathi.

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