• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

The Young Musician’s University Launches a Virtual Music School for Students Ages 4-18

Jan 2, 2023

Columbia, SC, 2 Jan 2023 –– The Young Musician’s University is “Reimagining Music Education” by launching the YMU Campus for students ages 4-18! The owners, husband and wife team Bevis and Tembi Gray, have successfully operated a brick-and-mortar music school since 2003. They have strategically taken the best practices of helping students excel in music education over the past 20 years, and transformed them into an online music education ecosystem where students can learn, explore, create, share and connect as a community of young musicians nationwide.

Since 2019, YMU has been progressively transitioning to reach students all over the country through the development of its new online platform. YMU’s specially designed platform uses powerful integrated software in a collaborative environment for all students.

“We are committed to providing students with a great musical foundation and an experience that will last them a lifetime,” said Mrs. Gray, YMU Director. In addition to offering instruction in piano, voice, guitar, and drums, YMU has expanded its online music program to offer percussion, strings, brass, and woodwind instruments. Through a strategic partnership with Music & Arts, students will be able to rent instruments directly through YMU. This will also include instrument rental repair if needed.

Mr. Gray, YMU Executive Director, said, “One of our goals was to make sure that YMU is both accessible and affordable for families without compromising the quality of our music program. We want students to have the opportunity to experience a high-quality virtual music education program, especially in rural areas where music lessons may not be as easily accessible.”

Mr. Gray then said, “We are talking with schools in several states about bringing YMU to their students as our staff expands to teachers across the nation. We have some very exciting opportunities brewing that will increase our ability to make an impact in the online music education and technology industry. We are so thrilled about YMU’s future, and we are open to strategic partnerships with community organizations and schools that align with our vision and mission of providing high-quality online music education to youth.”

“Online music lessons are a convenient option for homeschooling families as well,” said Mrs. Gray. “We wanted to create an online music program where students not only take music lessons but can explore music in various facets in a virtual collaborative community of like-minded musicians. So whether students explore YMU’s online music library, create music in our online recording studio, participate in a virtual field trip, or improve their musicianship through online music instruction, The Young Musician’s University is a virtual space where students thrive and discover their passion for music!”