World University of Design Are Co-organisers at Vietnam-india International Exhibition and Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

World University

New Delhi: Artists from the World University of Design are setting sails to participate in Vietnam – India International Exhibition and Workshop 2022-2023 themed around “VllEW: Beyond and Beneath Arts Exchange” from October 31st, 2022 to November 10th, 2022 at Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The event is designed to bring together artists from the two countries as well as faculty members and academia from the two universities to leverage creativity and innovation in fine arts. The focus will be laid on research in the field and in-depth discussions on the topic will be conducted in order to innovate and evolve.

To be organized in two phases, the first phase will have a representation of 11 extremely talented artists, who’ll be hosted at Van Lang University along with more than 20 Vietnamese artists for co-creation. World University of Design (WUD) seeks to make the most out of visits to museums and art galleries depicting the artsy side of Vietnam and views of locales in Ho Chi Minh City to gain perspective and ignite brainwaves for their artworks. The second phase will have Vietnamese artists coming to WUD and working with selected Indian artists. Coordinated in collaboration with Kekkeyellam Foundation, the participating artists will achieve essential insights from Vietnam-India Exchange Seminar Programme wherein renowned artists will be sharing their varied and rich experiences, the timeline of evolution in the field of art, scope, and the future for budding arti.

Participating artists will showcase their works on November 9th, 2022 in an exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. A freelance activity has also been organized to raise funds and support local artists and their fraternity.

Honored as he may be, Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design) who was present at the inauguration of the workshop at Van Lang University expressed his happiness at being part of this artistic union of two creative universities that value art and culture. “We are creating a nexus of young throbbing brains to uninhibitedly exchange views and outlooks and create novelty that was never known to the world before,” he said.

Excited to host their Indian counterparts in Vietnam, Professor Tran Thi My Dieu – President, of Van Lang University said, “We are convinced this significant event will help the participants develop networks, exchange perspectives, and build new friendships and collaborations that span across the globe.”

Rich in culture, the two countries have distinctive qualities yet find common grounds initiating peace and prosperity of their people. Foraying into the sphere of art and culture, the two universities are not just opening their horizons for the exchange of students at their boundaries but also strengthening their individual stake in the global art scene.