Ankit Bathla In the world of entertainment, where dreams collide and destinies are shaped, Ankit Bathla stands as a multi-faceted personality, gracefully balancing two contrasting roles that keep him constantly on his toes. To television viewers, he is the charismatic Yash in Shemaroo Umang’s popular show “Kundali Milan,” but beyond the screen lies a story that delves into his remarkable journey as both an actor and a thriving entrepreneur.

As Yash’s character navigates the complexities of his onscreen relationships with Anjali and Richa, Ankit, in real life, is a true multi-tasker, effortlessly donning multiple hats with finesse. Not only is he a seasoned actor, but he also has a thriving business venture, aptly named “XYZ,” where he runs his own event management company.

When questioned about the challenges of balancing two worlds, Ankit opens up about his passion and his “baby.” “One is my passion, for which I left behind a well-paid job in Delhi and ran headfirst into the entertainment industry,” he shares. “The other is my company, my baby, Name of the company, which I’ve seen grow and flourish every single day over the past five years.”

Living the life of a daily soap actor, Ankit faces the demanding schedule of the “Kundali Milan” set, leaving him with little time for other commitments. Yet, he remains grateful for the support he receives from both his production team and his Name of the company team.

“Balancing both worlds simultaneously is undeniably challenging, with most of my time devoted to the show’s demanding shooting schedules,” Ankit admits. “However, I consider myself fortunate to have a production team that understands my commitments beyond acting and grants me the time off to manage my events. My Name on the company team has been nothing short of incredible, seamlessly aligning meetings with my tight shoot schedule. You’ll often find me attending meetings during lunch breaks, optimizing every moment.”

In the bustling city of Mumbai, Ankit Bathla stands as a true testament to the spirit of pursuit, determination, and dedication. While Yash’s character grapples with onscreen challenges, Ankit gracefully balances the demands of his acting career and his entrepreneurial aspirations. His ability to embrace and conquer multiple roles with passion and flair is an inspiring journey that continues to win hearts, both on and off the screen.

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By Sujata