Here’s what makes The Graham Norton Show Season 30 a must-watch on Comedy Central!

The Graham Norton Show


Comedy Central comes bearing exciting news! Your favourite comedy television channel is back with The Graham Norton Show, a super entertaining show plaited with the most enthralling celebrity moments. Witness the film and showbiz A-listers chat with Norton, and get into some super engaging and hilarious banter alongside groovy live music and the very famous Red Chair game, only on Comedy Central Monday through Friday at 8 pm.

Here’s a dive into what makes The Graham Norton Show, the gem that it is!

The Star-studded Line-up!

The show’s stellar line-up is definitely one of the most interesting things about the show. Right from the Oscar-winning star – Rami Malek, Hollywood scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, Lydia West, and the drop-dead gorgeous, Margot Robbie, everyone has been on the show, and it’s only about to get more interesting!

Controversies you wouldn’t Want to Miss!

If you are a fan of celeb controversies and want to know the secrets they keep from the world, then you wouldn’t want to miss a single episode of the show. Norton is a brilliant host who knows exactly how he can get the stars to spill the beans, and he is here to do that for the thirtieth time!

The Humorous Monologues

Graham Norton’s monologues easily make for one of the strongest show highlights. His punchlines and comic timing, cleverly laced with satire, are not only unfiltered, but also really engaging.

Mixed Bag of stories

One of the most fun parts of the Graham Norton Show is its unique Big Red Chair. It is one such place where the audience is welcome to know the celebs and the judges more than ever. It’s candid, it’s hilarious, and it comes straight from the guest for the night!

The Curious Speculations!

With every season’s announcement, The Graham Norton Show is bound to stir speculations to tease you with a much-anticipated celebrity line-up. One of the most famous examples that caused great excitement, was when the audience began to speculate about the Kardashians’ coming on the show. This is an interesting part that keeps the animation going and contributes volumes to the show’s popularity!

Tune into Comedy Central from Monday to Friday at 8 PM and watch fun-filled moments from The Graham Norton Show Season 30!