I am someone who finds happiness even in the smallest of things: Kubbra Sait reveals in the latest episode of ‘By Invite Only

Kubbra Sait Pavail Mumbai, 3rd August 2023: Amazon miniTVs eminent celebrity show, By Invite Only, was boisterous with candid emotions, hysterical snorts, and a barrel of laughs – satiating the gossipmonger among all of us viewers. Along with the eloquent host, Renil, the show featured popular model and actress Kubbra Sait and actor Pavail Gulati this week. From Pavail’s versatility in his craft to Kubbra’s quest towards global domination, the show was full of tongue-in-cheek hilarity and doses of loose-lipped laughter.

Renil showcased curiosity in defining an ecstatic moment in the duo’s professional journey, to which Kubbra proudly remarked, “I am someone who finds happiness even in the smallest of things. When I got my first job, I was excited that I am getting my own stationery. Like stapler, paper. I get happy like that. I think the first time I walked on the red carpet, I was very happy. Because I used to stand on that red carpet and interview people. That’s where I made all my friends. So, when that happened to me, I was very very proud of myself. I was overjoyed.”

Echoing the ambitions of Kubbra, Pavail quipped in reminiscing his old days saying, “I don’t know if it’s funny or not. But back in the time, even though there was Whatsapp, we used to go around asking for auditions.”

Catch all the fun and frolic in the latest episode of By Invite Only.

By Invite Only is produced by The Zoom Studios and the episode is now streaming on Amazon miniTV for free, available within Amazon’s shopping app and Fire TV.