Know the story behind the name ‘Paradox’ on MTV Beats Artist of The Month

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ParadoxWith a symphony of rhythm and rhyme where words become an artist’s weapon, hip-hop emerges as the heartbeat of today’s youth igniting spirits & leaving them in a trance! MTV Beats has announced Paradox aka Tanishq Singh as the Artist of the Month for July, recognizing his exceptional talent and contributions to hip-hop culture and the music industry as a whole. The 19-year-old Indian rapper, lyricist, and music composer from Delhi gained recognition through his appearance on MTV Hustle 2.0, a culture-defining rap reality show, and established a name for himself in the Indian hip-hop realm.

Through MTV Beats Artist of the Month, Paradox shares insight into his personal interests, revealing that his favorite fictional character is Spider-Man. Furthermore, if his music were an ice cream flavor, he humorously stated that it would be called ‘Paradox.’

When asked about five things people didn’t know about him, Paradox said, “I am a very good Table Tennis player and have played Nationals. Second, I love cooking. I enjoy preparing food. Third, I also paint very well. Fourth, either I sleep very little or I don’t sleep at all for days, or I sleep for 12-13 hours straight. And fifth, music plays on my mind 24/7!”

Paradox explains how the word ‘Paradox’ came into being, saying, “I first came across this term in Badshah’s music video – ‘Heartless,’ and in the last frame of the song, there was a book named ‘The Unsolvable Paradox.’ That’s how I found the term – Paradox, and I adopted it as my username and stage name.”

Reflecting on the first song he ever learned, Paradox said, “Music has always been a part of my life. Around 2017-18, I was introduced to hip-hop and liked the genre very much. I started writing before that, writing poems and poems related to rap. There are no limits, no certain guidelines, no straight line. You can do anything with it and be experimental. Just like my name is Paradox, I make very unexpected stuff. I love to experiment with music!”

Paradox has already achieved remarkable heights, delivering back-to-back hits such as ‘Jadugar’ and ‘Gang Wale Munde.’ Catch Paradox for the entire month of July only on MTV Beats, as he dives into his life story and his profound love for music.