Meet Rihanna and Neel from the University of M.A.D. in Amazon miniTV’s Campus Beats

Mumbai, 27 September 2023: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released a popular young-adult drama “Campus Beats.” It brings a touch of whirling charm into college life packed with rivalry, friendship, love, and dance face-offs. The series, which is set in a prestigious dance academy, named Mumbai University of Movement and Dance a.k.a the University of M.A.D. created by Banijay Asia. Featuring Shantanu Maheshwari, Shruti Sinha, Sahaj Singh Chahal, Tanvi Gadkari, Harsh Dingwanii, Tanya Bhushan, Dhanshree Yadav, Teriya Magar, Adnaan Khan, and Rohan Pal in pivotal roles, it revisits the college days with a twist of dance academy divided sharply across the socio-economic class.

The audience will see Tanvi Gadkari, ‘the versatile content creator,’ in the intriguing new role of Rihanna, a trained ballet dancer, among the new cast. Portraying the character of a rich girl, carrying baggage from the past, she is sure to make the audience think and ponder throughout the show with her effortless screen presence. As the head of the elite dance group of M.A.D., she is the epitome of cold and harsh nature. Her only support and cheerleader is her best friend Ishaan. Rihanna is a privileged girl, escaping through dance to forget her past and seeking validation at every part of her journey.

Talking about the series and her character, Tanvi Gadkari shared, “Campus Beats is not just a show that highlights daily routines of a college life. It has a range of emotions, passion, and a lot of energy plus we’ve aimed to draw attention to address issues such as bullying, identity crisis, sexuality, and more..”

She further added, “For me, Rihanna was a dream. She is a strong-headed woman with a certain mystery about herself that will keep viewers hooked to her. I’ve always loved to dance, so getting to play a character who feels the same way about the art is like a dream come true. I am really looking forward to my fans seeing me in a tough and glowing avatar.” Along with Tanvi, Sahaj Chahal will be seen in the series, portraying the character of a classic college bully, Neel. He is the stereotypical alpha male who, as a member of the popular group, constantly torments the weaker students. Neel tries to conceal his internal struggles and profound fears by flaunting his wealthy background and hard, muscular exterior. Everyone has a secret and so does Neel and viewers will see him exploring and finding his own identity and peace as the series progresses.

Commenting about his character in the series, Sahaj Chahal said, “I really like how my character portrays a lot of similarity to a typical college-going student and also puts up a strong point of several social messages. Neel’s character has so many layers which will unfold with every episode. It was fun and challenging to show the character’s transformation, which made it even more thrilling and worth the effort. The viewers might dislike him in the beginning but will definitely resonate with what and why he is doing as the story moves ahead.”

Campus Beats is streaming_S exclusively on Amazon miniTV which is available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.