Sohni Punjaban season 3:Flaunt Your Personality

Sohni Punjaban season 3

You are the reflection of your aptitude, conduct, psyche and persona. Get in to flaunt your personality and talent at the upcoming Sohni Punjaban Season 3.

Sohni Punjaban is a personality platform for women, where they confidently and dauntlessly showcase their talent. There are no restriction bars to be a part of the upcoming season. It is to educate, attract and entertain the women to come forward and showcase their talent in front of the world.

At Sohni Punjaban Season 3, we promote females in all fields.After two successful seasons of Sohni Punjaban, the third season is coming in summer of 2023.

Amrita Kaur

According to Mrs Amrita Kaur, Director of Sohni Punjaban
It’s a time to hold your breath with joy and excitement as we are coming up with the ‘Third Season of Sohni Punjaban’, where Miss and Mrs Sohni Punjaban will get a chance to showcase their skills and talent confidently in front of the world. Get ready to be a part of the forthcoming event.