There is so much more to the show than its storyline,Aaron Koul shares why Who’s Your Gynac is a must-watch

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Aaron KoulMumbai, 13 October 2023: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its highly-anticipated medical drama, Who’s Your Gynac? The series sheds light on women’s health issues and delves deeper into the unspoken worries of women. The show takes viewers on an intriguing adventure and explores Dr. Vidushi’s (Saba) journey in deciding to become a gynecologist and while doing so uncovers the secrets of the most demanding parts of her job, and tackles common misconceptions about OB-GYNs. Featuring Saba Azad, Vibha Chibbar, Karishma Singh, and Kunal Thakur in pivotal roles, the series also witnesses the quirky and cheerful character of Meher, portrayed by Aaron Koul.

Sharing his vision on why this show is a must-watch for everyone, Aaron commented, “Audiences need these kinds of shows, it has been made with a lot of effort and research. The show covers a wide range of topics, such as friendships, pregnancy, motherhood, women’s health issues, and sexual well-being. We have tried not to leave any loophole in the concept, and the team consulted a number of gynaecologists to get their facts right. There is love, friendship, kindness, comedy, and jokes along with important information that will keep the viewers entertained throughout. Even the little set-ups, like the scene of Valaikappu, are so beautifully shot. There is so much more to the show than its storyline and the audience needs to watch it to actually believe it.”

Describing his day on the sets, he shared, “The surroundings of the set were so relaxing, and our team was the best. Each one of us has worked hard and poured all our love into making this project a success. Every day was fun and I was always looking forward to what was in for me specifically the evening snacks. It was all well-organized and I had an amazing time.”