Celebrating National Doctors Day: Honoring Dedication and Service

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doctors day

02/07/2024- National Doctors Day is a poignant reminder of the invaluable contributions made by doctors worldwide. Celebrated annually, this day honours the dedication and selfless service of doctors who tirelessly tend to patients, provide essential care, and ensure the well-being of communities.

Doctors are recognized as the backbone of the healthcare system, offering routine medical care and responding heroically to emergencies. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored their critical role, highlighting their courage and unwavering commitment during unprecedented challenges.

Amidst ongoing health crises and everyday medical needs, National Doctors Day serves as a tribute to these healthcare heroes, emphasizing their profound impact on society’s health and well-being. Their tireless efforts and sacrifice deserve appreciation and recognition every day.

Comments by Industry Experts

Dr Evita Fernandez, Chairperson and Managing Director, Fernandez

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated on July 1st every year. Fernandez Hospital observed Doctor’s Day at their centres in Hyderabad. Speaking about the relentless efforts put in by the doctor’s fraternity, Dr. Evita Fernandez, Chairperson and Managing Director, the Fernandez Foundation said, “Doctors are often seen as heroes, and rightly so. They save lives, bring new lives into the world, and provide comfort and care to people. But it’s important to remember that doctors are humans, too. They work tirelessly day and night, usually sacrificing their own needs. They are not just heroes but also our fellow human beings. Behind every white coat and stethoscope is someone who has missed family events, let go of holidays, and endured sleepless nights to be there for their patients. They are not just doctors but ordinary individuals, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who have chosen a path of service, often at the cost of their personal lives. Their sacrifices are what makes them extraordinary.”

By: Mr. Vikram Thaploo, CEO-Telehealth, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited

“National Doctors Day is a significant event that honours and remembers the commitment of medical professionals. We value their steadfast dedication to patient care and the critical role they play in preserving the health and welfare of our community. Doctors are the backbone of our healthcare system because of their everlasting compassion, significant competence, and tireless efforts. They are doing everything possible to close the gaps in care and improve patient accessibility, from working in the most rural and far-off locations to implementing telemedicine and other cutting-edge technologies. Making sure they have access to mental health assistance, manageable workloads, and chances for ongoing professional advancement is crucial, especially in light of their busy schedules and the demands of providing healthcare. To lessen the pressures they bear, it is essential to acknowledge their accomplishments, create a supportive work culture, and cultivate an environment that supports professional progression.

By ensuring the health and safety of our medical professionals, we enable them to carry on delivering first-rate care, advancing medical science, and serving as role models for upcoming generations of medical professionals. Let us express our sincere gratitude and steadfast support to the doctors who voluntarily commit their life to treating and mending people on this day and every day.”

By: Mr. Nikkhil K Masurkar, CEO, Entod Pharmaceuticals

“We embrace the theme ‘Healing Hands, Caring Hearts’ on National Doctor’s Day to emphasise the critical role that empathy and dedication play in day-to-day medical practice. We have seen innumerable doctors in India who exhibit these attributes by providing constant support and care. For their patients, doctors are more than just medical professionals—they are sources of love and hope. Their empathy has a profound effect on the mental and physical health of people they assist. We pay tribute to these committed people whose love and generosity have a significant impact. Let’s honour and encourage these medical professionals who, every day, restore countless lives with hope and healing.”