Check-Mate on Anxiety

Shivam Shah

A recent study by The Center of Healing (TCOH) revealed that there has been a massive increase in stress and anxiety among people ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 induced pandemic. The patient footfalls of a therapist and the hours they spend in treatment have both increased by 68.6%. Countless number of people has lost their loved ones and employment has gone for a toss for many. This has resulted in grave mental health issues and suicides among the mass. Since the year 2020, the entire globe has been suffering in an alarming situation and we must strive to cope.

Subsisting with anxiety and mental health issues is no more an option, it’s a must in order to sustain in this time of exigency. If a person is willing to do so, he or she should be able to try and cope with anxiety. Shivam Shah, an exstudent from La Martiniere Boys, Kolkata was suffering from significant anxiety disorder during his school days. He was advised by his school principle, Mr. Chakrabarti, to play chess to alleviate his tension and anxiety issues. Shivam’s enthusiasm and love for chess grew day by day after he started playing chess. This provided him with a subtle amount of respite from his issues.

Shivam began playing chess for corporations and city clubs soon after, serving as a captain for the Calcutta Swimming Club’s chess team in 2018 and afterwards he started playing actively for the Bengal Rowing Club where he won the tournament. He has recently achieved a third position in an All-India chess competition held in South Mumbai. Shivam has also received invitations from Corporate houses to host chess competitions for their employees, and he intends to make chess a popular sport in the corporate world very soon.

Shivam believes that chess should be a must in every educational institution because to him, it is a terrific cerebral workout and aids in strategizing and fetching resolution of day-to-day life and career challenges. Especially in this pandemic situation, people of all age groups should play chess to keep up with their mental health.

According to Shivam Shah, “Chess teaches us the philosophy of life.” He compares a pawn to a common man who has been sacrificing for larger entities of chess such as a knight, bishop or a king with a limited movement and pace but has the ability to become the most powerful entity of the game, the Queen, through patience and survival.