International Yoga Day: G4S hosts a physical and virtual Yoga Session in Delhi, Bangalore & Goa

International Yoga Day: G4S hosts a physical and virtual Yoga Session in Delhi, Bangalore & Goa

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Ahead of the theme of Yoga for Humanity, a mega effort is being made to take yoga to 100,000-plus employees all across the country. Given the unique challenges that employees in various security and facility roles face, especially on the frontlines, experts were invited to curate a specific programme and techniques that are meaningful and effective for different roles operating in various environments.

Employees are stationed in diverse locations, each with its own set of challenges and risks, and are doing different jobs. At some locations, this necessitates alertness, responsiveness, and agility whereas at some others it demands physical stamina to work in extreme weather conditions. With the aid of yoga, G4S is aiming to impart the advantages of physical and mental fitness.

Easy breathing practices, simple asanas for improved circulation, guided relaxation, and the advantages of physical and mental health were all addressed throughout the instructive yoga session conducted by trained yoga specialists and trained G4S employees who are yoga professionals themselves.

The health and safety of all customers and workers is a top priority for G4S, and the company also maintains relationships with their families, who are considered extended members of the G4S family. The ongoing training aims to teach the benefits of right exercise, breathing, relaxation, proper food, positive thinking, and meditation to reduce anxiety and stress via healthy exercise, mindfulness, and knowledge of self-care.

Rajeev Sharma, Country Managing Director, G4S India said, “At G4S, we are entrusted with the safety and security of our clients and communities. For this, our colleagues on the frontlines have a challenging job that requires their full focus. We organized multiple yoga sessions, to help them cope and feel relaxed and energized from a hard day at work. With a large workforce coming from education and economic conditions that have little emphasis and awareness on self-care, Yoga Day is an opportunity to emphasize overall well-being and encourage more people to use this as daily life practice and just not a one-time activity.”