Omega Healthcare Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence and Innovation in Healthcare Outsourcing Solutions

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Bengaluru, September 2023 — Omega Healthcare, a leading healthcare company, is excited to announce the celebration of its 20th anniversary. This significant milestone marks two decades of relentless dedication, exceptional service, and continuous innovation to empower its healthcare clients, driven by the company’s global employee workforce.

Since its inception in September 2003, Omega Healthcare has partnered with providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, and technology and service providers to drive outcomes. Its innovative technology and clinically enabled solutions help streamline administrative processes, enhance patient care, and improve overall operational efficiency for healthcare organizations.

Continued Excellence for Clients

Under the visionary leadership of Co-Founder and CEO Anurag Mehta, Omega Healthcare has achieved remarkable success and earned a reputation for excellence across the healthcare sector. Anurag expressed his excitement about reaching this milestone: “We are delighted to mark the 20th anniversary of Omega Healthcare. It reflects the dedication of our incredible team and our unwavering support for our clients and partners. We have witnessed the evolution of healthcare outsourcing from a novel solution to an integral strategy for many healthcare organizations today. We will continue to embrace the ever-evolving challenges that our clients face and empower them to achieve success.”

Strategic Growth Reinforces Domain Expertise

Omega Healthcare has grown strategically through recent acquisitions, expanding its comprehensive portfolio. The company provides solutions across the healthcare sector, including end-to-end revenue cycle management, payer risk, and administrative solutions, pharmaceutical market access, care coordination and virtual nursing solutions, registry data management, and real-world data curation.

With continued investment in the Omega Digital Platform (ODP), Omega Healthcare remains at the forefront of innovation to drive efficiencies and reduce administrative costs across the healthcare value chain. Moreover, the company’s strong operational and clinical expertise helps address the industry’s staffing shortages and administrative burdens, allowing providers to spend more time on care delivery and research.

Commitment to Employees

Achieving this milestone is exemplified through Omega Healthcare’s commitment to its people, reflecting its core values, mission, and goals. The company has built a culture that fosters personal growth, recognizes achievements, and provides a supportive environment to empower team members. Ongoing employee awards and recognition programs reinforce Omega Healthcare as an employee-centric organization that thrives on its talented workforce.

Celebrating the Past and Embracing the Future

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Omega Healthcare is celebrating the organization’s achievements and milestones. The event brings together current and former colleagues, partners, and clients to celebrate the successes of the past and envision a brighter future for healthcare. Through engaging panel discussions, insightful sessions, and networking opportunities, attendees have the chance to participate in knowledge-sharing and commit to embracing the future together.