Redcliffe Labs brings out the Pinktober – Care for Cure campaign, to raise awareness about breast cancer

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Redcliffe LabsIndia, October 26th: Redcliffe Labs, one of India’s fastest-growing omnichannel diagnostics service providers, has launched a powerful breast cancer awareness campaign, ‘Pinktober – Care for Cure,’ as a part of its commitment to advancing healthcare. This initiative is at the forefront of the global fight against breast cancer, emphasizing the importance of timely diagnosis and informed decisions.

Through the campaign, Redcliffe Labs aims to educate and empower women of all age groups, particularly those above 35 with a family history or experiencing the primary symptoms of breast cancer. The campaign focuses on the life-saving impact of timely screenings, raising awareness about the importance of preventive screening.

It utilizes a combination of online campaigns across various social media channels and on-the-ground health camps to debunk breast cancer myths and promote informed decision-making. The goal is to encourage women to understand their bodies, undergo screenings, spread awareness, and make healthy lifestyle choices to reduce breast cancer risks. As part of their awareness campaign, Redcliffe Labs also initiated an insightful discussion with breast cancer survivor RJ Vinny. The sessions provided valuable insights into her journey, covering the entire spectrum from diagnosis to recovery. The survivor emphasized the significance of self-monitoring, prompt medical intervention, and the invaluable support of the community in overcoming cancer and reclaiming life.

October is globally dedicated to breast cancer awareness, and through ‘Pinktober – Care for Cure,’ Redcliffe Labs is amplifying the awareness across India. By fostering a sense of unity within communities, the campaign envisions a future where early detection, regular screenings, and breast health education lead to improved survival rates and quality of life for patients. It encourages women to know their bodies, get screened, promote support, and make healthy choices to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Dr. Sohini Sengupta, Medical Laboratory Director at Redcliffe Labs, Redcliffe Labs, said, “Breast cancer affects millions of women worldwide, and early detection can be a lifeline. ‘Pinktober – Care for Cure’ is not just a campaign; it’s a movement. It’s a call to action for individuals to take charge of their health, to be proactive, and to support one another. By spreading awareness and fostering a culture of informed decision-making, we can save lives and offer hope to those affected by breast cancer.”