Vedas Cure brings Natural Ayurvedic composition for young women planning to begin family

Preg- Infert Care_Vedas Cure

Vedas Cure, an online Ayurveda treatment centre, has come forward and launched a 100% Ayurvedic composition for young women planning to begin a family, but are battling with medical complications in conceiving naturally. The product Preg-Infert Care is designed to be useful in the treatment for Garbhashay Dosh, with no side effects. The naturally made powder composition is non-addictive and is recommended to be consumed with warm water two times a day. This naturally made composition is a certified product by the Uttarakhand Drug Authority and gives needed strength to uterus for safe and natural conceiving.

The composition is made up of 24 ayurvedic herbs, some of them being Shivling Beej, Putra Jivika beej, Ashok chhal, Peepal jatta,Bad Fal, Punarnava Mul, Khachnar Chhal, Makhoi Beech,Choti Peepal, Ashwagandha,Cloves(laung), Tulsi beej, Saunf,Giloy, Choti arahar,Brahmi, Shatafar,Kamal beej & Gulab. In present times, when couples facing issues of conceiving naturally are increasing, and going for expensive IVF treatments, the product by Vedas Cure is an affordable and effective solution with remarkable results.

Another pertinent product for women related issues which is curated by Vedas cure is ‘Breast Care’, formulated to improve the quality and quantity of mothers’ milk. This directly helps in providing appropriate nutrition to the babies. The Ayurvedic treatment centre has been treating women patients ever since its inception and one of their most effective products for the past 4 years has been PCOD care. The naturally made composition deals with issues of ovarian cyst, endometriosis, irregular periods etc.

Vikas Chawla, Founder and Director, Vedas Cure elaborates upon the treatment method with Preg-Infert care and said, “The treatment is common for all patients in the first phase as it begins with studying of previous medical records and prescribing the Vedas Cure Preg- Infert Care. Later on upon observing the effectiveness of powder composition medical experts suggests dietary and lifestyle changes as per the patients’ progress. It is highly recommended for couples planning to start a family but have been battling with health issues or disoriented lifestyle habits. Women’s health is least affected with no side effects and the results are expected to be fruitful like the PCOD care product which has satisfied hundreds of our customers.”

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