15 Days Long Virasat Arts and Heritage Festival Concludes With a Resounding Success

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Hyderabad/Mumbai/Delhi/Dehradun/ 3rd November 2022: The 15-day Virasat Arts and Heritage Festival, organized by the Rural Entrepreneurship for Art and Cultural Heritage (REACH), concluded this season with an overwhelming response of over 300000 visitors from across the state and country. The festival saw enthralling performances by renowned artistes who won the hearts of the people of Dehradun with its performance. The festival’s closing ceremony also featured a brilliant performance of Indian classical music by Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma. 

Following the resounding success of the 26th edition of Virasat Arts and Heritage Festival, REACH has announced that the next edition of the festival will take place next year, around the Navratri and Diwali celebrations (from 27th Oct to 10th Nov ’23), with a plethora of thrilling art and cultural performances, making the show even bigger and better. 

The 26th edition of the festival, which is known as Afro-Asia’s biggest heritage and folklife festival, began on October 9th. The festival’s main draws included various cuisines, craft workshops, and vintage bike and car rallies. Artists from across the state and country actively participated in the festival, which featured performances by renowned artists such as Wadalis, Aswini Bhide, Suresh Wadkar, Prahlad Singh Tipania, Osman Mir, Kumresh, and many more. A crafts village, cuisine stalls, an art fair, folk music, Bollywood-style performances, heritage walks, and other activities were also featured at the festival. 

The two-week festival provided an opportunity for people to closely experience art, culture, and music performed by renowned classical music and dance maestros, as well as master craftsmen.

It provides a platform for people from all over the country to learn about India’s rich cultural heritage and its significance. Each aspect of the festival, including the art exhibition, musicals, food, and heritage walk, represents a traditional value associated with Indian heritage. This year a fine dining experience was also available to the visitors. Top hotel chains like Taj, Marriott, Hyatt, and Punjab Grill also participated and at the end went promising to come in a bigger form. 

Speaking at the closing ceremony, RK Singh- Founder and General Secretary, REACH said“We are pleased with the successful completion of the 26th edition of Virasat Arts and Heritage Festival. The level of support for Virasat 2022 from citizens across the nation has far exceeded our expectations. We are confident that Virasat 2023 will be just as successful as this year, enchanting you and taking you on yet another memorable musical and cultural adventure.  The festival will soon become important in the bucket list of international tourists and this will enhance the cultural correspondence among people apart from giving boost to the economy of this Himalayan state.”