Chennai, July 04, 2024: Aayush Wellness Limited, erstwhile Aayush Food and Herbs Limited, a leading innovator in the health and wellness solutions industry, introduces new portal to enhance accessibility of its products and services, pan India.

This strategic move is designed to extend the availability of Aayush Wellness products and services to every corner of the country, ensuring that even the most remote and underserved areas can benefit from high-quality health and wellness solutions.

Over the years, Aayush Wellness has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality food-oriented products and supplements. Aayush Wellness is committed to promoting holistic well-being and making its products and services accessible to a broader audience. With the increasing demand for integrated wellness solutions, the company recognized the need to broaden its scope and cater to the evolving needs of its customers from metros to remote areas.

The launch of the online platform is a significant milestone in this journey. By leveraging cutting-edge e-commerce technology and a robust distribution network, Aayush Wellness is poised to bridge the gap between urban and rural preventive healthcare access.

Mr. Naveena Kumar, Managing Director of Aayush Wellness Limited said, “Introducing the web portal demonstrates our continued commitment to providing quality health and wellness products and services across the country. Along with the convenience, we want to create positive impact in our society. This initiative aims to eliminate these barriers, ensuring that everyone, regardless of location, has the opportunity to lead a healthier life and start their journey to wellness.

Our herbal pan masala has received over whelming response from the consumers. Through this portal we can connect with each consumer directly (D2C) and ensure our products and services are made available to the customers across the country”.

“Our goal at Aayush Wellness is to raise Indian health standards and bring about a revolutionary change in the Healthcare and Wellness eco-system” added Mr. Naveena Kumar.

By Sujata