AOI Mangalagiri Leads Innovation in High-Risk Breast Cancer Surgery

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India, 1ST May 2024 – American Oncology Institute (AOI) in Mangalagiri proudly announces a groundbreaking advancement in the treatment of breast cancer. Recently, AOI successfully treated three high-risk patients with carcinoma breast using a novel anaesthetic technique, marking a significant milestone in cancer care.

Modified radical mastectomy (MRM) with axillary dissection is a standard surgical procedure for breast cancer treatment, typically performed under general anaesthesia. However, patients with severe comorbidities such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiomyopathy, and chronic kidney disease face increased risks with general anaesthesia.

In response to this challenge, AOI in Mangalagiri, Vijayawada introduced a pioneering approach by utilizing Paravertebral block (PVB) along with pectoral nerves (PECS) block as the primary anaesthetic technique. This innovative method allowed the patients to undergo MRM surgery safely and successfully, without the risks associated with general anaesthesia.

Dr Kalyan Polavarapu, Surigical Oncologist, at AOI, commented, Treating patients with breast cancer who also suffer from significant comorbidities presents a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to provide the best possible care while minimizing risks and ensuring patient safety.

The treated patients included Mrs. V.L (67 years), Mrs. J.B (74 years), and Mrs. P.S (83 years), all considered very high risk for general anaesthesia due to their existing comorbidities. Despite these challenges, all three patients underwent MRM surgery without complications and were discharged within three days post-operation.

Dr Sreedevi, Consultant anesthesiologist, at AOI, commented, Paravertebral block (with ultrasound guidance ) involves administering a local anaesthetic near the spinal nerves, resulting in somatic and sympathetic nerve blockade. This technique boasts a low incidence of adverse effects, making it a safe and effective alternative for high-risk patients. By implementing Paravertebral and PECS blocks, we were able to tailor the anaesthetic approach to each patient’s individual needs, resulting in successful surgical outcomes.

Mahendra Reddy, Regional Chief Operating Officer (RCOO) of AOI, Vijayawada, expressed his pride in the hospital’s achievement, stating, “At AOI, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of cancer care and delivering innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes. The successful treatment of these high-risk breast cancer patients underscores our dedication to excellence and reinforces our position as a leader in oncology care.”

AOI remains at the forefront of cancer treatment, continually striving to provide cutting-edge therapies and personalized care to patients across the region.