Care4Parents partners with Dial4242 Ambulance service

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6th June 2022: Care4Parents, India’s most trusted Eldercare services platform today announced that it has partnered with Dial4242 Ambulance service. As a part of this tie-up, users of Care4Parents will be able to book an ambulance in seconds. This service is available 24X7.

To book an ambulance, Care4Parents users will have to click on the HELP button in the app, followed by the Ambulance button. As soon as one presses this button, the call will be placed to the 1800 number of Dial4242 Ambulance service. Care4Parents customers will not have to pay any joining fees to use this service and only pay for the ambulance that they are hiring. The ambulance will be available within 30 minutes in over 500 cities across the country.

There are different types of ambulances that will be made available to users as a part of the service. These include Basic Life Support (COVID and non-COVID), ALS with paramedic, ALS with doctor/EMT (COVID and non-COVID). Care4Parents patrons don’t have to pay any membership fees or access charges to use these services. They just need to select the purpose for which they are looking for an ambulance and pay the price in accordance with that.

Commenting on this tie-up, Dr Aman Khera, Founder, Care4Parents said, “We have all realised how critical health and well being is. Right from our genesis, the motto at Care4Parents has been to make every aspect of Health and Healthcare services easy and simple to use. We strive to enable more people to get the help they need and at the right time. They should not have to struggle to find the help that they need. The idea behind this tie-up and all our endeavours is to ensure that people can take the best care of their health at a click of a button and at the convenience of their homes. “

Getting an ambulance at the time of need could prove critical for some. Keeping this in mind, Care4Parents has initiated this partnership. It makes calling for an ambulance a hassle-free experience. DIAL4242 is India’s biggest ambulance network. It is built to deliver the best in emergency care to people across the nation through its ambulance services. These ambulances are not limited to only emergencies but can be used by a patient to schedule check-ups & appointments or simply to get home after being discharged from the hospital.