Covestro Pioneers Groundbreaking Polyol Tank Farm Project in Kandla, Gujarat

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Covestro (India) proudly announces the inauguration of its Polyol Tank Farm Project in Kandla, Gujarat’s Kutch district. This cutting-edge facility underscores the company’s commitment to meeting rising customer demands through enhanced supply chain resilience and operational efficiency.

Designed to meet stringent requirements, this state-of-the-art facility will be storing polyols, a crucial ingredient for its Performance Material Business. This strategic initiative reduces dependency on imports and longer lead times, emphasizing Covestro India’s customer-centric approach.


The Polyol Tank Farm represents a significant leap forward in Covestro India’s supply chain infrastructure. The leased nature of the project offers a strategic balance between operational flexibility and long-term planning. Utilizing ISO tanks & Flexi tanks for bulk deliveries and streamlining the filling and distribution processes of drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), that optimizes distribution, minimizing transportation time, translating to faster delivery times and needs for customers, elevating the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

The facility’s strategic location and substantial storage capacity ensures a consistent and reliable polyol supply, empowering Covestro (India) to meet market demands effectively. This project signifies the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and positions it for future growth by providing a robust foundation for its Performance Materials Business.

Looking at global supply chain struggle, going forward this investment will also support Covestro (India) to cater adjoining subcon countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka and creating a better business environment and a win-win for both Covestro (India) and Subcon customers.

The Polyol Tank Farm Project in Kandla, Gujarat, is more than a mere infrastructure development. It embodies a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing supply chain capabilities and supporting Covestro India’s Performance Materials Business. By investing in operational efficiency and customer-centric strategies, Covestro (India) is poised to deliver exceptional value to customers, driving mutual growth and success across the industry.