Crimson Expands Seesaw with Three New Schools, Plans for More Growth Ahead

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Hyderabad, July 9th, 2024 –Crimson, a leading school operations platform in India, announced the significant expansion of Seesaw, its innovative early education initiative. Seesaw has successfully opened three new schools this year, with preparations underway for twenty more in the upcoming academic year. With an ambitious target to establish fifty additional schools over the next two to three years, this expansion reflects Crimson’s focus on reforming early year learning and providing high-quality education to young learners nationwide.


Aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020’s 5+3+3+4 structure, Seesaw emphasizes the importance of foundational years, recognizing that over 85% of a child’s brain development occurs before age six. The first five years of education (3 years of pre-primary and Grades 1-2) are crucial for building cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical capacities.

“The NEP 2020 highlights that early years should be flexible, multifaceted, and play-based, incorporating activities like letters of the alphabet, numbers, indoor and outdoor play, puzzles, drawing, music and movement. These activities promote critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and social skills among children. Accordingly, Seesaw’s approach to early childhood education is based on the art and science of play as a fundamental learning tool. By incorporating various play-based teaching methods, including builder lab rooms and thoughtfully designed outdoor play areas, Seesaw aims to boost children’s creativity, curiosity, and cognitive development. These experiential and engaging learning spaces help stimulate young minds and encourage exploration, laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning,” remarked Mr. Vishal Goel, Co- founder Crimson Schools.

A chain of large-format foundational schools, Seesaw offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-trained educators, and a curriculum that balances academic learning with social and emotional development.

Seesaw classrooms combine face-to-face instruction with innovative digital tools through thoughtfully designed spaces that seamlessly integrate blended learning. Featuring flexible layouts with movable furniture, multiple activity zones, interactive surfaces, and integrated technology, these classrooms make teaching-learning methods more effective. The diverse resources, including digital tools, multimedia content, hands-on equipment, and assistive technologies allow for quick adjustments to accommodate different learning styles and activities, engaging students and helping them gain a comprehensive and thorough understanding of new concepts.

Moreover, the play areas are meticulously designed to be safe, durable, and conducive to active play, encouraging children to interact meaningfully with their peers and surroundings. In addition, natural play materials provide little ones with a rich sensory experience and deepen their connection with the natural world.

Every faculty member at Seesaw is a well-trained and experienced educator. Regular teacher training programs enhance their ability to create developmentally appropriate curriculum and foster a nurturing and happy learning environment to promote the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of children.