Gurgaon, India, 9th July 2024 – At the renowned International Icon Awards 2024, Dr. Subhash Gupta received the Best Menstrual Product Distribution Award, marking a significant occasion celebrating outstanding contributions to women’s health and hygiene. The celebrated Lemon Tree Hotel in Gurgaon hosted the awards ceremony, which drew well-known figures from various global industries.

Dr. Subhash Gupta award

 Renowned women’s health advocate Dr. Subhash Gupta has devoted his professional life to making menstruation products available and reasonably priced for women in India. The management of menstrual hygiene has changed dramatically as a result of his creative distribution methods and dedication to shattering stigmas associated with menstruation, especially in marginalized groups.

 During his award address, “Dr. Gupta conveyed his appreciation and highlighted the need for a team effort to maintain the advancements in menstruation health. This award is dedicated not just to myself, but to all the women who have bravely raised awareness about menstrual health issues and to the many individuals who dedicate their lives to ensuring no woman is left behind. Together, we can keep dismantling obstacles and advancing a future in which everyone has access to and prioritizes menstruation health,” he said.

 In between keynote addresses, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, the award ceremony created a cooperative atmosphere where stakeholders could exchange ideas and create new alliances. After the event, attendees felt encouraged and inspired to make more contributions to this important cause.

By Mansi