Fischer Medical Ventures Limited’s (formerly known as Fischer Chemic Limited) wholly owned subsidiary – Time Medical International Ventures (India) Private Limited, and a Singapore-based company Nervotec Pte Ltd (Nervotec), firm up global partnership to revolutionize healthcare screening through contactless video-based vital signs monitoring.

Fischer Medical Ventures Limited (Fischer MVL) is renowned for its pioneering efforts in manufacturing high-quality Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems in India, making them the first company to indigenously manufacture such advanced medical imaging equipment in India. Aside from medical imaging, Fischer MVL also carry a diverse portfolio of breakthrough diagnostic solutions, where Nervotec’s innovative health screening without any contact or wearables needed, fits in perfectly. Fischer MVL is pleased to seal the strategic partnership with Nervotec to market their paradigm shifting technology globally.

Nervotec is a Singapore-based company that empowers predictive healthcare via its contactless solution without wearables. Nervotec’s innovative solution uses remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) technology and artificial intelligence to measure physiological biomarkers such as heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, stress scores and even blood pressure just from a person’s face using any camera-enabled device like smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Users simply had to look at their camera-enabled device and within minutes, Nervotec’s algorithms will analyze his/her vitals, making wearables or invasive procedures redundant. Clinically validated in Singapore, Nervotec’s process is fast, accurate, and cost effective, a ground-breaking solution to enable large scale screening for early detection and intervention.

Continuing to push the boundaries, Nervotec made a first-in-the-world breakthrough achievement recently by including clinically validated hemoglobin measurement (to measure Anaemia and detect Thalassemia) and HbA1C (average glucose level over a period) measurements as part of its comprehensive health monitoring capabilities. What used to require vials of blood & significant time to analyse, Nervotec made it possible with its contactless technology and give results within few minutes.

Mr. Ravindran Govindan, Executive Chairman & MD of Fischer MVL, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are elated to partner with Nervotec, a pioneer and leader in contactless vital signs monitoring that will redefine healthcare delivery worldwide. Not everyone has wearables, but most of us have a camera phone to enable Nervotec’s technology for regular monitoring of their own health and support mass screening faster and more cost effective. We are excited about the potential of rPPG technology beyond HbA1C to

detect irregular heartbeats and detection of cardiovascular disease, combined with blood pressure and blood sugar levels to determine the overall health of individuals worldwide. Nervotec’s solutions complement our portfolio of medical devices and diagnostic solutions, and will create great value for our customers and stakeholders.”

Mr. Jonathan Lau, Co-founder and CEO of Nervotec, emphasized the transformative potential of their technology, “With the high prevalence of undetected conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, we believe Nervotec’s innovative solution can truly make a difference in the well-being of billions of people globally. By identifying health risks before they escalate, Nervotec’s technology empowers individuals, healthcare providers, and employers to take timely action. This partnership with Fischer MVL enables us to expand our reach and deliver impactful health insights across various sectors, from workplace safety to personalized healthcare.”

This strategic alliance combines Fischer MVL’s expertise in medical devices and solutions, robust resources, and strategic network worldwide with Nervotec’s cutting-edge technologies that promise to redefine healthcare delivery globally.

By Sujata