Hottest New Opening Alert: Saudi welcomes Nujuma, a Ritz Carlton Reserve at The Red Sea

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A dynamic destination with plenty on offer, Saudi has something for everyone. Whether you’re the type of traveller who seeks a quiet hotel on a private island, a remote desert getaway, a bespoke wellness retreat, or a lavish spot in a bustling city – we’ve got you covered!


Gearing up to take Saudi’s spirit of hospitality to a whole new level, the country has recently opened its doors to Nujuma, A Ritz Carlton Reserve, The Red Sea.

Blending intuitive and heartfelt service with stunning natural beauty and indigenous design, Nujuma is the first property from the brand in the Middle East and joins an exclusive collection of only five Ritz-Carlton Reserves worldwide. Inspired by the word Nujum, meaning ‘stars’ in Arabic, Nujuma invites travelers to embark on an unchartered journey to one of the world’s most secluded and protected archipelagos.

The hotel is situated on a pristine set of private islands, which are part of the Red Sea’s Blue Hole cluster of islands. Surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty and designed to blend seamlessly with the environment, the resort features 63 one-to-four-bedroom water and beach villas. Designed by Foster and Partners, Nujuma’s sweeping shell-inspired architecture and elegant interiors are crafted with natural materials imbued with calming sea and sand tones, and geometric patterns reminiscent of the region’s design motifs. Visitors can also notice Arabic artifacts, traditional ceramics, woven Saudi patterned rugs, and intricate wall hangings celebrating local craftsmanship flow through the canopied interiors.

When not soaking up the tranquil surroundings from the comfort of their own villa, guests can indulge in a lavish spa, swimming pools, a range of restaurants, and a retail area, or learn more about the prized natural setting at a Conservation Centre.