KLH Hyderabad Enhances Educator Skills with Faculty Development Programs

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Hyderabad July 10th, 2024 – KLH Aziz Nagar Campus is organizing a series of Faculty Development Programs (FDP) aimed at advancing and developing teachers’ learning, abilities, and skills, encouraging creative teaching strategies, and promoting high-quality research. Scheduled from 8th to 12th July 2024, the upcoming five-day FDP aims to enhance the pedagogical skills of educators by integrating cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning strategies.

KLH organises FDPs - July 2024-

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at KLH, in collaboration with IEEE KLHSB, is proudly organizing a Faculty Development Program titled “Empowering Educators with AI and ML: Strategies and Applications.” Esteemed speakers from prestigious institutions will deliver insightful sessions on topics ranging from the integration of AI in higher education to the applications of generative AI. This program promises to enrich the knowledge base of participants, promoting innovative teaching methodologies and research advancements in the field of AI and ML. This virtually organised FPD will cover topics related to computer vision, machine learning, foundational LLMs vs deep learning models, and generative AI and its applications.

Building on the objectives of knowledge advancement, KLH recently organized a five-day program on Cybersecurity and Blockchain from 1st to 5th July 2024. The goal of this five-day FDP was to improve knowledge and abilities in the vital fields of blockchain and cybersecurity. Participants studied cybersecurity principles, risks, and responses while gaining a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, including its architecture and applications. The program included interactive workshops and seminars to provide faculty members with the skills they needed to teach these subjects to students.

Er. Koneru Lakshman Havish, Vice President, KL Deemed to be University said, With pride, our KLH Hyderabad campuses carry on the heritage of educational leadership and innovation by training teachers and researchers to be competent in the cutting-edge domains of AI, ML, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Such learning platforms and educational opportunities enable educators to upgrade their knowledge and skills with the latest technology, advancing education and technology, and giving them and students the tools they need to succeed in a constantly changing environment.”

Dr. A Ramakrishna, Principal, KLH Aziz Nagar Campus along with convenors, faculty and staff members ensure smooth conduct of these programs in offline and online modes as required and encourage participation of faculty in continuous learning and upgrading skills under these initiatives. KLH campus pioneers in higher learning that is dedicated to both academic innovation and achievement. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering to create tomorrow’s leaders and innovators by focusing on research and development and providing cutting-edge facilities.