New Delhi, 4th July 2024: SeniorWorld, a pioneering AgeTech company since 2015, proudly announces the launch of two new 4G easyfone models: Royale 4G and Elite 4G. Innovatively designed for seniors, these devices offer improved connectivity, safety and wellness support, enhancing their independence and overall well-being.

Senior citizens are the fastest-growing demographic in India, yet many feel that technology is not inclusive. SeniorWorld was established to bridge this gap by offering senior-friendly tech solutions that positively impact their lives. The company’s offerings include easyfone, specially designed phones for seniors, SilverWings Club, a social and wellness app-based club, and SilverWings Holidays, which provides travel opportunities for seniors to explore the world with like-minded peers.

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The easyfone Elite 4G and easyfone Royale 4G are the latest additions to SeniorWorld’s range of easyfones. These new models come equipped with unique features and services that set them apart from other devices available in India. Both models feature a 24/7 ambulance coordination service available in over 700 cities across the country, which is designed to handle medical emergencies and save precious time. Another key feature is the Safelist, which stops fraudulent and nuisance calls by allowing incoming calls only from authorized numbers. Additionally, the CareTouch – A caregiver service enables an authorized family member to remotely configure the easyfone from anywhere in the world. This includes setting up medicine reminders, scheduling doctor’s appointments, adjusting volume, amending the address book, and setting up a Safelist for fraud prevention. Both models also include a dedicated SOS button that automatically makes calls and sends messages to multiple emergency contacts with just one button press. Both these models have many first ever features to boast off, like brain games , daily motivational and health tips etc in 12 Indian regional languages which keeps elderly users engaged and healthy.

Both the models are sturdy build, with a 2.8-inch screen with large separated keys, a talking and backlit keypad, and photo-based speed dial for favorite contacts. It offers a simple, customizable menu, clear and loud sound, and distinctive ringtones. The device features effortless dock charging and a battery that gives a comfortable two weeks standby time.
SeniorWorld’s mission revolves around empowering the senior demographic with technology-driven solutions that foster independence, engagement, and overall well-being. The new easyfone Elite 4G & Royale 4G are testament to this commitment, providing a connected, secure, and supportive world for seniors in today’s digital age.

Commenting on the launch, MP Deepu, Co-Founder & COO of SeniorWorld, said, “We are thrilled to introduce the Royale 4G and Elite 4G, the latest additions to our easyfone range. These devices are not just phones; they are comprehensive solutions designed to make senior citizens feel independent, secure, and connected. With advanced features tailored specifically for their needs, we aim to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Our goal is to provide seniors with a device that not only meets their day-to-day requirements but also enhances their overall quality of life. Additionally, these phones assure caregivers and family members about the safety and comfort of their beloved seniors, providing them with peace of mind.”

By Sujata