South City International School Celebrates Van Mahotsa

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5th July 2024, Kolkata: Van Mahotsav, an annual tree-planting festival, was celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of trees and forests in our lives. This year, South City International School embraced the spirit of this festival by organizing various activities to promote environmental conservation. South City International School students participated in community outreach programs, where they educated people about the significance of planting trees and distributed planters to passers-by in different locations.


Ms. Satabdi Bhattacharjee, Principal of South City International School, encouraged all students to actively participate in this noble cause. She emphasized the vital role that trees play in maintaining ecological balance and ensuring a sustainable future. The efforts were made even more impactful by the enthusiastic participation of young children aged 6 to 8 years old. Engaging children at such a young age ensures better and longer-lasting sensitization to environmental causes. These young students planted trees in various locations, including Jodhpur Park, Rabindra Sarovar, Safari Park, South City Gardens, Dhakuria, and Golf Green. Their involvement served as a powerful motivation for the community, highlighting that environmental stewardship starts from a young age. The children’s enthusiasm and dedication to the cause demonstrated that even small hands can make a big difference. By involving the younger generation, we instill a sense of responsibility and commitment to protecting the environment early on. These actions not only helped enhance the local surroundings but also inspired others to join in the efforts, contributing to the broader global cause of environmental conservation. The participation of these young students is a testament to the lasting impact of early environmental education.

Van Mahotsav served as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to care for the environment. Through these dedicated efforts, significant steps were taken towards a greener future. By planting trees and raising awareness, we enhanced our local surroundings and contributed to the global cause of environmental conservation. Let’s continue this momentum and ensure that our commitment to the environment grows as strong as the trees we’ve planted. Together, we can create a lasting legacy of a healthier and greener world.

Ms. Satabdi Bhattacharjee said, “Planting trees today is not just about adding greenery; it’s about nurturing life and securing a sustainable future. Every sapling planted is a step towards a healthier planet. Let’s come together to make a lasting impact and ensure that future generations inherit a greener, more vibrant world.”