Bengaluru, June 13, 2024 – Swiggy Instamart, India’s pioneering quick commerce platform, launched a new category in quick commerce with “Handpicked” – A curated selection of fresh, exciting products chosen for their outstanding quality, taste and authenticity.


Handpicked can be found at the bottom right corner of the Swiggy Instamart app and features product-specific labels across items that are a part of the curation.

The curation features beloved local, regional, and select new-age brands, clean-label products, freshly prepared items, and gourmet offerings. It caters to consumers seeking alternatives to mass-produced goods, focusing on small-batch or healthier products curated to ensure the highest quality and authenticity.

This includes locally sourced products such as handmade paneer, freshly baked breads and cakes from popular local brands like Iyengar’s, and hard-to-find items like sourdough bread from Brik Oven. The curation goes above and beyond, bringing homemade items like Laddoos and Chikki made with quality ingredients, unique items like Adai and Pesarattu batters, and authentic ingredients for global cuisine such as spices, Asian and Italian sauces from brands like ORIKA and Masterchow. The fruit and vegetables selection on Handpicked will include locally harvested and seasonal produce.

Speaking about Handpicked, Phani Kishan, CEO of Swiggy Instamart said, “Making a conscious lifestyle choice to eat better through clean, small batched, and authentic products is a growing phenomenon in Indian households that are most often not met with the right access and availability. Customers are increasingly looking for such items, especially for their children. Each product on Handpicked is chosen for its outstanding quality, taste, and the story behind it. We work closely with local partners to rigorously evaluate products for quality and consistency, and only then list them as Handpicked on Instamart. These products are the best in their segment in terms of freshness, originality, and authenticity. The icing on the cake is it will be delivered on-demand for the first time, and that too in just ten minutes.”

Handpicked is now available in Bangalore and will soon expand to Delhi and Mumbai. The collection features over 500 unique products from both local and popular brands like Iyengar’s, Sweet Karam Coffee, The Whole Truth, NOTO, Masterchow, and Blue Tokai. Starting today, Instamart consumers can begin purchasing Handpicked items and seamlessly experience exceptional products delivered within 10 minutes.