This World Music Day, Vh1 India announces its latest initiative, #TurnUpTheLove, dedicated to spreading positivity and support for artists globally. Recognizing the adversities faced by musicians ranging from online bullying to unwarranted criticism, Vh1 India is committed to fostering an environment of love and encouragement. The song was exclusively dropped on Jio Cinema as the first indie electronic pop music launch on the platform.

Turn Up The Love

In a world where online hate and criticism often overshadow artistic expression, Vh1 India is taking a stand to celebrate resilience and spread love. The campaign acknowledges the challenges faced by artists worldwide, ranging from online bullying to hurtful comments on their talent, appearance, and spirit.

At the heart of the #TurnUpTheLove campaign is a collaboration with Zephyrtone, an inspiring independent music duo who have transformed their personal experiences with online negativity into a powerful anthem. Their song, “#TurnUpTheLove,” resonates with themes of resilience, courage, and the transformative power of love. The anthem’s chorus is a triumphant call to embrace confidence and positivity, leaving listeners inspired.

Talking about the song, the musical duo Zephyrtone said, “We turned online hate into a song of resilience and love. Through #TurnUpTheLove, we aim to inspire others to rise above negativity and harness music’s healing power. When Vh1 proposed ‘Turn Up the Love’, we eagerly embraced the challenge. Converting hate into positivity wasn’t easy, but we’re glad that we were able to pull this off and the song has turned out to be lovely. We hope everyone enjoys it and learns to ignore the negativity from haters.”