XITE College Students Gain Practical Insights During Industrial Visit to Bholotia Auto Products Pvt. Ltd.

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Jamshedpur, April 24, 2024 – Students from the Department of Economics at XITE College, Gamharia, had a remarkable opportunity to bridge their academic knowledge with real-world industrial operations during an educational visit to Bholotia Auto Products Pvt. Ltd., located in the bustling Adityapur Industrial Area, on April 23, 2024.

 Accompanied by esteemed faculty member Dr. Radha Mahali, the final year students were hosted by the company’s diligent team including Mr. N. Saran, Purchasing & Storing Manager and Mr. Ashwini Kumar, Technical Manager. The visit centered around an in-depth tour and presentation of the manufacturing processes involved in the production of brake drums, a critical component in automotive manufacturing.


 The visit was meticulously organized to provide the students with a comprehensive look at the various stages of the brake drum production process, including:

 – Sand Preparation, Mixing and Moulding: Initial steps involving the preparation and casting of moulds.
– Melting and Pouring: The use of an induction furnace to melt materials and the techniques of molten metal handling.
– Cooling and Knock-Out: Critical cooling times and methods for removing excess material.
– Shot-Blasting and Machining: Advanced cleaning processes and precise machining for product refinement.
– Balancing, Painting and Packing: The final stages of production ensure quality and market readiness.

 Mr. Saran provided valuable insights into the complexities of managing industrial operations, emphasizing the importance of efficiency and quality control in the competitive auto manufacturing sector.

 This visit forms part of XITE College’s commitment to provide its students with practical experiences that complement their rigorous academic curriculum. “Such industrial visits are crucial in helping our students understand the practical challenges and innovations in the manufacturing industry,” said Dr. Radha Mahali. It bridges the gap between classroom theory and practical business operations, preparing our students to be industry-ready.