In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, ensuring the safety and connectivity of young children with their parents is more crucial than ever. Miko IoT has revolutionized this aspect by partnering with Agora to deliver a cutting-edge, secure video calling solution. This collaboration empowers parents to seamlessly connect, monitor, and engage with their children aged 5-10, providing peace of mind through robust, real-time communication. By addressing the inherent challenges of integrating video calling with IoT devices, Miko IoT and Agora are setting a new standard for secure and reliable family connectivity in the digital age.

The Problem:
Searching for a reliable video call solution that works with IoT The team at Miko IoT needed a stable and reliable video calling feature to help parents connect, monitor, and engage with their children. They explored a few video SDK solutions and found that most solutions on the market didn’t provide the compatibility, reliability, and quality they needed in their product. Since Miko is an IoT product, it was challenging to find video calling SDKs that were compatible with the hardware. On the reliability side, video freeze made it impossible for them to provide the seamless parent/child video calling experience they wanted to offer. Since Miko is a product for children, robust security for the video calling experience was also essential.

The Solution
Scalable kid-safe video calling Agora’s video calling SDK solution provided Miko with the safety and reliability they needed to confidently launch a video calling feature on the robot. Agora’s expansive cross-platform compatibility and dedicated IoT support made integration easy for both the Miko hardware and its application. Miko prioritizes data privacy and security for parents and children, and Agora’s strict adherence to data privacy and security compliance aligned with Miko’s priorities. With Agora, Miko was able to add high- quality video calls with minimal delays. The video calling feature allows parents to stay in touch, monitor, and connect with their kids whether they are away from home or in another room. Agora’s Signalling product uses real-time data synchronization to enable the parents to move Miko around to follow the child during a video call.

“Agora’s Video Calling feature enables parents and children to securely stay connected through the Miko robot. It also empowers parents to monitor their child’s well-being, providing peace of mind for busy parents.” – a customer of Miko.

Results & ROI:
Increased parent engagement and high call success rate Agora’s reliable and easy-to-implement Video Calling and Signaling helped Miko offer safe, real-time connection between parents and children. These new features lead to a significant boost in parent
engagement with the app. Additionally, Miko has tracked the performance of their video calls and found an extremely high 99.83% average call success rate, underscoring the reliability of the technology. They also recorded an extremely low audio freeze rate of 0.17% and a video freeze rate of 2.58%. The high call success rate and low freeze rates contributed to the increased engagement and retention rate on the parent application. “Coupling Agora’s secure, high-quality video communication with Miko not only significantly enhanced
parent engagement with the app but also instilled a sense of trust and reliability in our platform.” — Sneh Vaswani, Co-Founder & CEO, Miko Robot

Miko has sold 500,000+ units to date, with ~70% of sales from the US + units to date, with ~70% of sales from the US. Miko IoT envisions creating a better and more interconnected environment for kids with Agora. Its future updates include helping children and their grandparents and friends connect in real- time, and Agora plays a significant role in making it happen.

Building on the successful partnership with Agora, Miko IoT will soon unveil these new features

designed to enhance communication between children and their families:

1. Extended family connections: Soon, not just parents, but also grandparents, aunts, uncles and other trusted loved ones will be able to join secure video calls with children, all with parental approval.
2. Interactive video calls: Miko will be introducing interactive elements to make calls more engaging. Parents can send emojis during a call, and Miko will respond with real-time emotional reactions, deepening the emotional connection.
3. Visual Direction of Arrival (DOA) technology: This new technology lets Miko respond to the direction of the speaker’s voice. If a child moves or turns away during a call, Miko will automatically adjust its position to maintain eye contact, enhancing interaction Furthermore, Miko will continue to prioritize child safety and privacy in the development of these features, collaborating closely with Agora to implement robust security measures.

By Sujata