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Prodevans Technologies announced a new partnership with UK based software company Canonical

Oct 11, 2021

Bangalore, 7th October 2021: Prodevans Technologies a Bangalore and Singapore based leading technology solution provider specializing in end-to-end DevOps and fullstack cloud solutions announced a new partnership with Canonical focused on simplifying and improving high availability across multicloud architectures, consisting of common public cloud infrastructure and cost-effective private cloud.

“Ever increasing demand for multi-cloud architectures is driven by organizations constantly trying to optimize their infrastructure costs to make sure that they only use as many resources as needed and pay less for them.” says Devesh Mohan, director of Alliances at Canonical. “Prodevans comprehensive cloud expertise will support our solutions to help companies of all sizes and across industry segments to harness the power of open-source cloud computing.”

Canonical solutions deliver significant cost reduction of cloud computing. However, the risk associated with planned or unplanned downtime is an area of critical importance as enterprises move towards open source. The partnership is such a natural fit since Prodevans is already using Canonical’s solutions to support its multicloud platforms.

“With this partnership, Prodevans can help our customers enable a faster, simpler path to cloud that delivers solutions with lower TCO along with the much needed flexibility to adapt their cloud infrastructure to the future.” says Gagan Pattanayak, CEO, Prodevans, Singapore “We believe we are just enablers, assisting companies in building a cloud strategy that works for business today, tomorrow and into the future as the business evolves”.

Together, Canonical and Prodevans can offer a unified cloud management framework as a one-stop solution to manage all customers’ cloud infrastructure, reducing costs, improving security, and providing the most up to date access to the fullstack features.

About Prodevans: Prodevans is a leading technology solution provider specialized in end-to-end DevOps offerings that streamline and automate IT delivery. We specialize in the entire spectrum of Cloud Solutions from IaaS, PaaS to StaaS. We strive to provide solutions that are time-driven and efficient with a stringent focus on ROI. Prodevans helps companies deliver a great customer experience by deploying the right cloud-based tools and resources. Learn more: www.prodevans.com