The top three HR trends affecting the workplace and how technology is helping manage them

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The way we work, where we work, who we work with, why we work, and the technologies we employ are constantly evolving as we advance into the post-pandemic workplace. A lot of these adjustments began before the pandemic, were expedited by it, and are now indelible features of the workplace. Numerous trends in the HR industry have emerged as a result of these changes, some of which have proven more difficult for firms to manage.

Here are the top three trends in the HR space and the ways how technology is helping manage them.

1- Hybrid Working: Since the epidemic, the majority of businesses have opted for remote or hybrid working arrangements. The hardest challenges in modern work environments are those related to employee engagement, productivity, and performance measurement. HR managers are finding that mobile-first task distribution and performance evaluation solutions are highly useful.

2- Attrition: In several industries, attrition is approaching double digits. Forecasting the workforce and maintaining employee morale are getting harder and harder. Real-time, advanced analytics powered by AI are being used by HR directors to forecast trends and implement corrective action. Empathic employee engagement modules included in HCM suites are assisting in boosting employee engagement and lowering turnover.

3- Offer Acceptance: For the majority of companies, the rate of offer acceptance is likewise declining. On the day they are supposed to join, candidates withdraw. Pre-hire applicant engagement HR IT technologies are proving to be helpful in these circumstances. According to our research, the proper HR tech deployment can contribute to 80% faster hiring, 65% better talent retention, and 65% better matching.

All organizations rely on their human resources function to optimize productivity without losing on the overall well-being quotient. They could elevate the enterprises to new heights if properly handled. There are more and more challenging trends emerging in this area, which reduces an organization’s overall productivity. Innovative technological solutions are urgently needed to buck these trends and improve employees’ experience and productivity.

By Sumit Sabharwal, CEO, TeamLease HRtech