Beauty Garage Professional becomes first brand in India to highlight 18-MEA benefits with new Shea therapy range

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Mumbai…June 28, 2024… Beauty Garage Professional, a true made-in-India brand reinventing the hair care industry, has established itself as the first in India to highlight the benefits of 18-methyl Eicosanoic Acid (18-MEA) in hair care with the launch of its innovative Shea Therapy range. This revolutionary treatment preserves 18-MEA to significantly enhance hair health.

18-MEA is a vital component of the hair cuticle, located within the complex structure of the hair shaft. This intricate structure includes layers such as the Epicuticle, Exocuticle, and Endocuticle, followed by the Cell Membrane Complex (CMC). The CMC, acting as a cushion, houses numerous proteins, liquids, and carbon chains, with 18-MEA being the most crucial. Naturally present in our hair, 18-MEA is essential for maintaining hair’s hydrophobicity and overall health. However, factors such as chemical treatments and environmental damage can significantly reduce the levels of 18-MEA, leading to dry and brittle hair.

Mr. Mahesh Ravaria, Founder and CEO of Beauty Garage Professional said, “Shea butter, known for its moisturizing properties, plays a key role in retaining 18-MEA in the hair. This innovative therapy not only replenishes 18-MEA but also works from the fiber surface to the inner cortical layer of the hair, ensuring comprehensive care. Unlike standard spa treatments that focus merely on the outer hair layer, Shea Collagen Therapy penetrates deeply, reaching the CMC and effectively restoring 18-MEA levels”

A notable demonstration of 18-MEA’s importance can be observed through the water droplet test. Hair with adequate 18-MEA levels will repel water, allowing droplets to roll off, while hair deficient in 18-MEA will absorb the water, indicating a loss of the hair’s protective barrier.

Beauty Garage’s Shea Therapy Treatments:

  • Shea Retention Therapy: Focuses on restoring and retaining 18-MEA, enhancing hair’s natural protective barrier.
  • Shea Curl Therapy: Specifically designed for curly hair, ensuring the curls remain defined and hydrated.
  • Shea 18-MEA Collagen Therapy: Combines the benefits of collagen and 18-MEA for improved elasticity and resilience

Beauty Garage Professional has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in hair care. Following the success of Shea Retention Therapy and Shea Curl Therapy, the introduction of Shea Collagen Therapy marks a significant advancement in their commitment to hair health. This pioneering approach not only highlights the critical role of 18-MEA in hair care but also sets a new standard for treatments aimed at restoring and maintaining hair vitality