Glad U Came becomes the first PR agency to introduce period leaves for menstruating employees

Glad U Came becomes the first PR agency to introduce period leaves for menstruating employees

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Glad U Came, the first PR agency to announce a period leave for its menstruating employees on Menstrual Hygiene Day. On this day, the agency honours women by announcing the new policy and encourages other businesses to follow suit. With 90 percent of its employees being women, the agency recognises the importance of the hour and believes that period leaves are something that every working woman deserves.

Glad U Came, the award winning PR and Influencer Marketing agency attempts to break down the taboos surrounding menstruation in a country where it is still a sensitive subject. This policy will make it easier for women to take time off on the first day of their period. Female employees are hesitant to explain the reason for their leave during their period, so they avoid taking leaves and work in discomfort and pain.

In any case, most women try to push through and go to work. This is typically due to a concern of being viewed as weak or unable to execute their jobs if they disclose menstrual-related symptoms to their supervisors in most of the companies. This policy by Glad U Came would give employees who have painful menstrual or menopausal symptoms the option of working remotely and taking a set number of paid leave days each year. It’s past time to acknowledge that women menstruate and that it’s perfectly acceptable to take a day off to get through the discomfort.

Talking about the new policy, Maddie Amrutkar, Founder of Glad U Came, shared, “We are a young and small team of 25 people, 21 of whom are women. Menstruation is something that she goes through every month and this is the least we can do to comfort her. I believe that period leave is not a privilege but a basic right that every woman deserves. The aim is to decrease the stigma associated with menstruation and make it easier for women who are experiencing period pain to take a break.”