Bengaluru, June 28, 2024: White Lotus Group, a leading name in Bengaluru’s bespoke luxury real estate space, celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, under the leadership of IIT alumnus Pavan Kumar, the company has quietly yet significantly transformed Bengaluru’s residential landscape with its unique concept of ‘personal sanctuaries’. From a single address, Aravindaksa in 2014, White Lotus has grown to a portfolio exceeding 6 developments. Its meticulously designed spaces transcend traditional living, providing residents with soulful, rare, timeless, and thoughtfully crafted bespoke homes. This milestone anniversary aligns with the company’s recent expansion into the luxury villa segment, securing 1 million square feet in projects and a funding of Rs. 150 crores from Dubai-based Luxe Port.

A space we call home

With an asset-light model, White Lotus successfully sold out its developments—Aravindaksa, Kalpavriksha, Amaranta, Ohana, Anora and Tamara—located in Bengaluru’s prime areas. Remarkably, these sales were achieved solely through word-of-mouth

Pavan Kumar, an alumnus of IIT Madras, is a first-generation entrepreneur with a passion for design. Under his adept leadership, White Lotus has become a zero-debt, profitable real estate venture. Rising from a middle-class family with no legacy wealth, Pavan successfully identified a niche in the market, addressing the unique needs of India’s high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). His primary triumph has been bridging a crucial gap in the market for authentic luxury homes. By recognising the rising demand for personalised, smart, sustainable, and design-centric living spaces among discerning HNIs, White Lotus Group has redefined luxury living, offering homes that seamlessly blend modern luxury with timeless tradition.

“10 years ago, White Lotus embarked on a mission to reshape luxury living. We envisioned homes that transcended mere bricks and mortar – personal sanctuaries rooted in the principles of conscious living and harmony. Today, I stand humbled by the dedication of our team, the trust of our homeowners, and the foresight of our investors. Together, we have built a legacy of bespoke living experiences that resonate deeply with discerning homeowners. As we celebrate this milestone, I am grateful and at the same time excited for the next chapter. Here’s to a future where White Lotus continues to push boundaries and ultimately make the brand synonymous with bespoke luxury living for decades to come.” – Pavan Kumar, Founder and CEO, White Lotus Group.

Looking ahead, White Lotus has set an ambitious revenue target for the next financial year and is actively hiring talent across all business verticals to support its plans to develop over 1 million square feet of bespoke luxury villa spaces in Bengaluru. These stunning homes, slated for launch in this year, will further solidify White Lotus Group’s position as a leader in the luxury real estate market. White Lotus also has its sights set on expanding beyond Bengaluru, aiming to enter the Hyderabad market. All while, the company remains steadfast in its core values of innovation, sustainability, and end-to-end customer-centricity, shaping the future of bespoke luxury real estate across India.