Dr. Mohan Agashe, Pune, June  2023 – Naiknavare Developers, renowned for its well-thought-out community-centric residential and commercial projects in Mumbai, Goa, and Pune, has successfully hosted the first-ever “Senior Living Conclave” in collaboration with Primus Senior Living and with the presence of veteran actor and psychiatrist Dr. Mohan Agashe in Pune. The event brought together prominent industry experts to discuss and promote the value of assisted living and senior citizen communities in India.

The recently released report titled ‘Expectations of Post Retirement Life’ by consumer knowledge firm Ormax Compass provides valuable insights into the mindset of senior citizens in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) regarding their retired lives. The study reveals that a significant number of retirees in MMR are revaluating their post-retirement plans, indicating a shift in their outlook. By 2031, the MMR region is projected to have 2.4 million senior citizens living independently.

The concluded Senior Living Conclave, held with the theme “The World of Senior Living Homes,” successfully achieved its objectives of evaluating the current landscape and future prospects of senior living homes, highlighting the impact of community living on aging, and dispelling misconceptions surrounding senior living. The event featured renowned speakers including Dr. Mohan Agashe, a distinguished actor and psychiatrist, Mr. Adarsh Narahari, the managing director of Primus Lifespaces, Mr. Ranjit Naiknavare, Director at Naiknavare Developers & President of CREDAI Pune Metro, and Mr. Anand Naiknavare, the head of the business process at Naiknavare Developers.

The inaugural Senior Living Conclave, hosted by Naiknavare Developers and Primus Senior Living, was meticulously planned with two slots, morning and evening, to ensure convenience for the seniors. The event witnessed an impressive turnout of over 200+ seniors who attended both slots. Seniors from various locations across Pune, including Kothrud, Shivajinagar, Sadashiv Peth, Viman Nagar, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Talegaon, and more, actively participated in the conclave.

The interactive sessions led by Anand Naiknavare and Adarsh Narhari provided a platform for seniors to ask their questions, and they received satisfactory answers. Moreover, more than 50+ seniors expressed great interest in Naiknavare Developers’ Inter-generational community, Kutumb by Naiknavare powered by Primus. Kutumb offers a diverse range of housing options, including row houses, duplex homes, townhouses, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments, as well as NA serviced plots suitable for Indian families of all sizes. The project, located in Vadgaon Maval on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway and just 5 minutes from the Talegaon Expressway toll plaza, spans across 15.55 acres of picturesque landscape, providing a breathtaking view of the neighboring reserve forest and the beautiful Indrayani Valley. The project boasts a wide range of amenities, such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, jogging track, indoor games room, kids’ play area, conference room, party lawn, clubhouse, and landscaped garden, ensuring the well-being and entertainment of all residents.

To provide a realistic experience, several Oculus headsets were arranged, allowing seniors to have a virtual tour of the project, explore the views, and witness the available amenities firsthand. The positive response from the seniors resulted in bookings being made for the Kutumb project, further affirming its appeal and suitability for inter-generational living.

While highlighting the Senior Living concept at the conclave Mr. Anand Naiknavare, Head Business Process, Naiknavare Developers Said, “In our business, we must ensure that our stakeholders are always taken care of. These include our most important patrons, and then our investors as we are in the capital-intense business. The third will be of course our employees. We must ensure that our business and the authorities shall not be ignored at any cost. Apart from that, land is the basic raw material that ensures our business, hence ensuring that landowners are taken care of is also very important. And in the end, we must not forget all our vendors who come together and help us deliver our final products to the customers.”

Further, he said, “If these stakeholders are well taken care of and a balance is maintained, this business will undoubtedly succeed. In a multigenerational business like ours, we believe the power of family is what guides us all. Whatever designs and construction we provide can be classified as hardware, but the USP of this project, which is senior citizen living, is the major software of the project in my belief. That is why I also say that with time, we are becoming more of a service provider rather than just a product provider.”

As India’s population of senior citizens continues to grow, the importance of intergenerational communities and comprehensive senior care becomes increasingly evident. The Senior Living Conclave served as a catalyst for generating awareness, promoting dialogue, and inspiring transformative solutions that address the evolving needs of senior citizens.

Adarsh Narhari, Head of Primus, said, “As per the research today, loneliness is considered the number one reason for deaths, fast aging, and other mental or physical issues are caused by the same. In India, 60 percent of people do not live in a joint family. If we look at the IKIGAI way of living, it’s a study where it was found that people who lived longer and happier were living in groups, more with nature, and in a community where help was available for each other. At Primus also we are trying to incorporate these facilities and services into our project so that people can stay more physically fit, feel more involved, and elated. This provides them with a sense of community.”

He added, “We are trying to have our own events team that can create events and activities for people living in the community to stay together and get a chance to interact and feel more involved. The idea is while people were busy all their life living for their families and children a lot of their own preferences and hobbies took a back seat. But we wish to ensure that at their age of retirement, they are able to do things for themselves which they always could not take out time for, and hence providing such services to help them pursue what they loved, is our main idea. Thus we are ensuring to provide the best community living experience at our projects”.

Mohan Agashe, renowned actor and psychiatrist, emphasized the importance of a healthy mental diet, saying, “Just like a healthy eating diet, our brains also need a healthy mental diet. Getting involved in art, culture, and literature is very important. Having our roots attached plays a major role, as the family builds a person’s real image.”

Mr. Mohan Agashe highlighted the significant number of senior citizen groups in Pune and Maharashtra, with more than 99 Senior Citizen Groups in Pune and over 3700 senior citizen groups in Maharashtra. Further, he said, “I hope for senior citizens to have a quality life where they don’t have to rely on distant service providers for basic needs like medical assistance and food. Hence projects like Kutumb in ensuring that elderly individuals not only stay connected but also maintain their mental and physical well-being, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.”

The goal of Naiknavare Developers is to create dynamic, embracing, and sustainable living spaces for people of all ages. The Senior Living Conclave’s success confirms its commitment to breaking boundaries in senior care and fostering harmony between generations.

By Sujata